Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ok, ready, set, GO!  SEW!!!

And it's all together!  7 x 8 blocks....

Abe Lincoln pattern.

Thing goes on forever!  So nice to see things get completed.

The white one is done, and the blue is the next to be quilted.  I'll use a hoop.  It's a big baby quilt.  Having fun doing those.
Do want to work a couple of days on a few things that don't have a deadline.  Just want to space out while quilting.  My own designs sit and wait patiently while I am trying to produce things for customers.  I love what I do.  But you need time for your own things too. 
Holidays are here to give us a break, but do they really?  Too many expectations?  I haven't even finished my Christmas cards.  So I'll get those done and I'm either way behind, or way ahead!  I just can't worry about this.  You have to change your priorities, or you will go nuts. 
I can remember the summer time.  Even being bored.  Just outside and having fun with my sister and brother.  Mom used to save things, so we could "make" things when were  couldn't think of anything to do.  I guess that's how I got into making things.  I can go buy the stuff now to work with, but my imagination goes farther than alot of people who need those patterns.  I like patterns, but they are a starting point.  Then go jump off the deep end and have some fun with it. 
I have been wearing my fleece coat, hat, scarf, and matching purse.  You wouldn't believe all the complements I get every day!  I want to make another coat, a bit longer and 2 layers of fleece.  Either the weather is getting colder, or I can't get warm enough anymore!  It's so fun to wear something that no one else has.  Why does everyone look so dark and dismal out there?  Put some color into your winter clothes, PLEASE!  I hate winter.  There is so much grey and blah out there.  We need to wear more bright colors.  If you got to a ski area, everyone wears bright colors.  I guess, if they fall down into the snow, they will be easier to find!  But it sure does pick up your spirits if the colors you wear are prettier, more colorful, and more than just dark.
Have some more fun!  The new year has got to get better if we all try!

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