Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ok, I feel like I should put that "one of these was not like the others...."  Meaning that one had been broken!  The cutter with the ribbon on it, had the blade stuck into the axle.  So it wouldn't go around when you tried to cut.  I was so upset.  So I saw on another blog that someone had trouble with their Fiskar cutter and the company helped her out!  So I wrote to them, and they sent another axle and blade!  Free!!!  I was thrilled!  How many companies out there really back up their products!  It's fixed, with the help of my hubby and 2 pairs of pliers to get the blade out.  I needed that orange piece from mine... and I'm back to both working.  I usually have one on the big table and one by my sewing machine.  I work on 2 tables, and rather than going back and forth to find the cutter, it's easier to have 2.  Sissors are important too... these Gingers are sooooo loose right now, it's hard to cut even with squeezing the handles together.  So I have to find a guy to sharpen them and tighten up the screw...or get another pair.  I have several more pairs around...we'll talk about this in a minute.

Here's the castle that I appliqued by hand.  I love doing these.  Second castle, and it's alittle larger than the blue one I did.  I also love the curved pieced borders.  So I just did that.  The backing piece needs to be that's next, then basting.

One side....

And the other.  Lots of color!
We had an appraiser come talk with the guild several years ago.  Not only does she appraise quilts, but work rooms.  Mainly for insurance purposes.  Let's face it, if the house burned down, how much fabric do you own?  Sissors?  Plastic rulers?  She would come and assess what you have and how much is the value.  So if things go wrong, then they could be replaced.  So take out all your sissors, and take a picture of them....same with anything else.  At least then you have some proof of ownership!  Fabric can be weighed... 1 yard is about 4 ozs.  (I think)  Some fabrics are heavier than others and more expensive than others.  But if you aren't willing to at least take pictures of this stuff, then don't expect an insurance person to believe that you had it all. 
The thought of spending time doing this instead of quilting...well, yea.  But you can at least open every drawer and take a picture.  Put these in your computor and on one of those sticks... then once a year, do that.  Update, because you know you have more each year. 
Quilts, well, those will only be replaced at cost of supplies unless you have had them appraised!  So don't think you are going to get hundreds or thousands of dollars for any that are damaged or stolen.  If you only have a couple that mean a lot to you, it's not too much money to get them appraised.  I have somewhere over 100 quilts in the house, all different sizes and some are better than others.  Should I get them all appraised.  Nay.  But if there is a fire, I'm in deep trouble.
I just mailed one into a contest.  Can't seem to find out if it got there or not even with delivery confirmation.  Bummer.  Not that it was worth that much.  It was 33" x 33"... but I liked it and do want it back.  I really hope it gets to the contest..... I have never had one get completely lost in the mail.  So I'm hoping that it shows up.  I guess that is what got me thinking about all this appraisal stuff. 
Christmas is around the corner.  I'm going to cook a boned leg of lamb.  Now a non-cook is going to try this... so wish me luck!  Got to get the mint jelly and potatoes tomorrow!  I'd rather cut out a new quilt top.....
Ho, Ho, Ho to everyone!

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