Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last night was interesting.... the outside light went on.  Not too big a deal.  Thought there was just an animal out there.  That was around 1am.  Then at 2:30am, my CPAP machine was not working.  Now that helps me breath all night long, so you are bound to notice if it's not working.  I woke up on my back with my mouth open and very dry.  No power!  Great....

Off to find a flashlight and see what was up.  No lights on at any houses or street lights.  Found my cell phone and called it in.  Getting colder so just went back to bed..... 6:30am woke up and still no power!  Very strange.  The electric company is usually much quicker than this!  So I found the bigger flash light that I got last Christmas and had breakfast.  Still went and worked out.  It was warm down there!  Terry was home and said it finally came on at 8:30am.  And I forgot to mention that at 3:30 the ADT alarm told us in a very loud way that the battery back up was we turned that off.  So not a very restful night. 

We watched a couple of those shows about people who are getting ready for the "worst" that could happen.  Well, I don't want to be quite that paranoid, but it doesn't hurt to have a few more flashlights, and things around to help when mother nature gets mad.  I guess a tree came down somewhere and took out some lines.  Then if a bad storm comes this winter, (and they seem to be getting more furious) we will be better prepared for being home and still be cozy.  I'm not getting a gun and having a bunker loaded up.  Only if it's loaded with fabric! 

So the guild in Norris is having it's Christmas party today at noon... 12/12/12/ at noon!  Too cool!  So when is the end of the earth supposed to happen?  on the 21st?  I think the Myan's just ran out of room on that round rock.  And they didn't have time to start the next calendar.  What ever. 

The party should be fun.  They always are!  I could use a few smiles today!  Then I'm going to get back to quilting!  Either get that one farther along, or pull out something of mine to play around on. 

Keep quilting!  Patty

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