Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Just a few more of the Houston Quilt Show!  I didn't think I was done showing those!  I did skip over several, but these are wonderful! 

This was huge.  Each block done by a different person.  It makes up a city.  Great techniques were used.

Sometimes simple and less crowded is great!

This was so cute! 

Kind of art deco.  I love the design.

Wonderful workmanship.

Just could see it swirling around!

Now I love Hawaiian quilts.  Great to see several in this show!

This was beautiful.  By now my mind has completely forgotten what exhibit all these things were in.  26 exhibits and hundreds of quilts were there.  This is why I take pictures and just watch slide shows of my own stuff.

Just a colorful, great quilt.

The soft colors make it hard to see in the photograph, but it was great!!!

The clothes were something else.

Looks like metal!  All int the quilting and paint on the fabric.

This was clever.  I love the rocks that people stack to see it in a quilt was so much fun!

This one was super.  All the dots are individual dots of fabrics SEWN on. 

Don't you love it!!!
So when you think you have run out of ideas, go to shows!  Your creative juices will start to flow in another direction.  It's just over a month since I was there.  Have I gotten started on those new projects?  A couple.... but there must be a bunch more waiting for me to be snowed in this winter!
Keep trying new things.  Take classes.  Play around with scraps or get the courage to cut up the good stuff!  It's all fun and games and you end up with quilts!

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