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Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I love checking out the stats and seeing what countries have been looking at my blog!  Thanks to all of them for checking in!  Now Panama!  The UK had 15 hits this week!  Too cool. 

So it's the end of the year.  What have you made?  I keep lists of what I have worked on through the year, every year.  And one master list.  So I can double check to make sure I haven't lost track of things.  The master list is up to 853 items.  Sometimes, I have listed a couple of things for any one number.  Like 851 is 8 pairs of cupcake potholders.  You can't list them a 8 seperate things... or my list would really be long.

So here's what I did work on for 2012:
1.  Ice Dragon  30x30
2.  9 Patch with Coi fish 68 1/2x 56 1/2
3 Blue/yellow Lone Star 85x85 (hand quilted for a customer)
4 Large Sheep quilt 71 x 58  (top done, not quilted yet)
5. Medium sheep 22x17
6. small sheep 13 x 10(put into the small quilt sale)
7 Blue and White (blue squares were 5")  top done, not quilted yet.
8.  Small blue wallhanging, worked up for a challenge piece.  (which is currently lost in the mail!)
9.  Triangles 85x85, flannels (for a customer)
10.  Finished quilting the Hawaiian style Dolphins wallhanging 40 x 57 1/2
11. Stripes and Curves "4th Day of the Universe."  56x 64
12.  6 Tulip in each size to see what they would turn out to be, 2 for gifts.
13. Challenge piece for SMQ guild.
14 Purse with petals, yellow/black/white(customer)
15 Hand quilted a postage stamp quilt, 45x 65(customer)
16 Spring Panel wall hanging 37 1/2 x 48 1/2(customer)
17.  Log Cabin "Wonky Logs"  (not quilted yet)
18.  Fabric Bucket, 9" high
19 Hand quilted an antique 9 patch  82x67(customer)
20.  Assembled a quilt top from signature blocks from the class I taught.
21.  Magenta petals for 2 flowers were constructed (still on the design wall)

Another quilt finished "Press Any Key", started last year 71x72
22Lone Star quilt, hand quilting, found the top in an antique store (in progress)
23 Double wedding ring, hand quilting, almost done, king size(customer)
24  Florida quilt, made from start to finish 63x63(customer)
25  Assembled a t shirt quilt top, for customer
26  Assembled a t shirt quilt top for my sister
27  hand quilted a small quilt with skateboarders on it, 42x62
28 Made a table runner of my own design of 3 spools, machine quilted
29.  2 blocks for presidents of 2 quilt guilds
30  Table runner with dogwood flowers on it(for a customer)
31 Big blue bag for Travel
32 Civil war blocks for another guild president (I'm in 3 guilds and starting in another)
33 Big Bag with dragons and wizzards
35Christmas block for an exchange
36 Another bigger dragon bag!
37Vest with dragons on it to match the bags
38Stack and wack, 4 blocks for a small runner 12x35
39Purple cat wall hanging, machine quilted  18x 24
40 Orange and white cat wallhanging 24x18(for a friend)
41  8 pairs of cupcake potholders.
42  Assembled the top of the Abe Lincoln quilt  56 blocks 12" square each(customer)
43 Modern quilt top  (not quilted yet)
44.  Castle wallhanging, 35x55, edges sewn on and basted
45 cross stitch piece started...

Ok, so I don't always number well, and I have things in progress, but I'm working all the time.  My records could use a secretary.  I wanted to start a website to sell off some things that are around here.  Lord knows there are quilts everywhere!!!  And I love making them.  Some experiments with new techniques are not so great, but you don't get better without trying stuff!  So I need more organization to take pictures properly for sale items and records.  But let's face it, that would take away time from actual sewing. 

I sew quickly, and can figure things out on the fly.  I love making up my own designs and patterns.  Would I ever want to be on Project Runway?  Maybe for a week or two.  Then I would be bored with the weekly restrictions that they put on you.  Too many rules.  Not enough freedom, and certainly, not enough time to finish projects.  I spend days getting piles of fabrics coordinated, not 1/2 hour in a shop that I was unfamiliar with.  I do love seeing what they come up with.  But to be kicked off for one bad outfit because it was something you weren't used to making, well the show needs to rething a few things.

How did I get onto that?  Anyways, I love making things out of fabrics.  I am always on the lookout for different ways of putting things together.  I saw on a blog about making "sleeves" for waterbottles that you carry around.  It keeps the drink cooler, AND you know which bottle is yours!  I love her design for them.  So I will be making a few of those.  Don't worry, I have yet to figure out Etsy sites.  Someday I'll have a way to sell all that I have made....

Keep sewing and having FUN!  I got to open my presents this morning.  Now Terry and I don't know what to do!  We used to have Leggo sets and put those together, but after 30 years of Leggos, we needed a break.  Ok?  Now what?.....


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  1. That is a lot of projects. Good job!