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Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hi Everyone!  I have been out and about today.  Went and met up with a friend and we ate breakfast at  a place.  I probably shouldn't tell you names, so I'll just give you the initials....IHOP.  Great cheesecake pancakes!  Then off to wander around stores hoping to find Christmas presents.  I am really mistified this year.  But we did find things!  Lost track of time, but knew it was getting on in the day as the stores got much busier, and the traffic went crazy!  Bet the reindeer don't have this problem!

So came home with a few bags and started wrapppppping things.  Boy does that take up time!  Still got more to do there.  It was time to go get a pizza to bring home and cook.  Yea, you know the one.  Super good.  Then I lost steam.  So nothing else got done in the sewing room.  That table is perfect for rolling out the paper and wrapping up the presents.  You know what else is easy...get those boxes with the pretty lids.  Bam you are done.  Sweet. 

So I figure it's time to address a few cards and then get to the post office on monday....with everyother person in the world.  But that's what it's all about, right?  Let other's know you care by getting stuff and shipping it.  I don't get to go visit much to some places.

Terry did some checking on plane ticket prices.  Whoa.  They have more than quadrupled in a year or two!!!!  I'm hoping they go down in a few months.  Even the cheap seats, are NOT cheap... more than a few thousand to go to England.  And the Olympics are over.  (anyone tell them that?)  So I'll be saving all the quilting income for the next trip.  We want to go see Terry's Mum sometime in warmer weather.  Not during the summer vacation times.... It always was cheaper for them to come over this way...

No pictures today.  Can't show the presents.  No one gets fabrics, which makes it harder for me.  I would have been done in one day if they were all quilters!  But the guys aren't.  I couldn't help myself, I did get a couple of things for me for under the tree.  I don't go shopping hardly at all during the year, so I figured it was ok.   So wrapped those up and listed that they were from "Mrs. Santa".  Mom used to do that all the time.  That's a tradition. 

We don't have many traditions around here.  Fine with me.  I don't think I could remember them from year to year anyways.  I have a fake shifler tree with the lights on it all year.  Put up the stockings.  And what cards come in, I put up around the living room.  Love those!  Used to spend the day putting together Legos, but Terry doesn't want this year!  Guess he's all grown up now.... Not sure if Mike wants one or not.  Never got a list from him if there was anything he wanted.  He's too "old" for his Mom to buy him clothes.... I don't know enough about computers to get them anything but a bag to carry them in.... and we gave him a cell phone one year, and it's still in the packaging.  So there you have it.   Gift cards to Subway!  I'm done. 

What do you want for Christmas?  Do you get things for yourself?  How much do you get into this time of the year?  I always had to work at my parents ski lodges in Vermont, so holidays were just more work.  I guess I just like taking it easy and not getting all bent out of shape.  Some good food and unwrap things.... then just hang out.  Yea....


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  1. I tend to be a "buy a present for so and so, buy a present for me type" when I go out shopping. That is why I love on-line shopping. Search for what I want, order and have it delivered.