Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ever have a day where you are looking for something that is not fabric related and you are stumped on where to find it?  Yea, bathroom cabinet knobs.  I bought these a couple of years ago.  Now Terry is building new cabinets with 2 more drawers... and I don't have enough knobs.  Ok, I thought I could just go pick up 2 more at Home Depot, but NOOOOOOO!  They don't carry them anymore.  Only have a lot of Martha Steward thingies.  Not my taste, but I think I'm out of luck.

Here's a picture without the flash, from an angle.  I saw something similiar on a site, but it had knotchs around the outer edges.  Now I could live with other knobs, but to just chuck out something because you can't find 2 more.  It bugs the crap out of me.  I save the smallest fabric scraps, and then would just discard 10 knobs?  Ok, if you are going to remodel the whole thing, then get new knobs to match the other stuff... and Habitat for Humanity will get these.  Does anyone have 2 more I can get from them?
This really is a throw away society now.  My Dad used to fix things when they would break.  Living up in Vermont, there weren't big stores to just run to to replace items.... You would have to ask around to see if people had something you could use.  So It really wouldn't bother me to have 2 different knobs in there.  It'll drive Terry crazy though.  I have 2 floor lamps that need fixing... I have rewired lamps before.  It's not hard if you could find the parts....but that's not easy anymore either. 
So my quilting will always consist of making something out of the smaller pieces.  Right down to the slippers and pincushions!  Fabric is too expensive to throw out!  And too beautiful. 
No sewing yet today, and I think we are goin to the movies in about an hour.  That new 007 movie!  Yea!  Love those.  Classy guy finds out what's going on and gets rid of the bad guys.  Close enough to a Prince Charming as any fairy tale.  (Got to get my head out of the clouds someday.)
This weekend is for me and my projects anyways.  I haven't done much, but that's ok too.

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