Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day of little things!  I did finish the double wedding ring.  Will take it out of the frame as soon as the next one is ready to drop in... But I saw these on a blog, and don't remember which one... But they were cute and I had some blue strips left over from the modern quilt (look back a couple of days.)

I cut one strip in half, added the stripe down the 2 sides, and viola!  2 water bottle things.

Pretty cute.  Haven't added all the little buttons or ribbons.... but I like them.

Then I looked at the pile sitting on the table with the sewing machine.  I had flannel sitting there for over a year with the pattern for these slippers.  So I put them together.  2 layers of cotton batting... great for the top, but the bottom layers need more cushion...not sure what to use.  But I want nice thick comfy slippers.

Here's the tops.  Cute.  Now I'll be able to have a right and left.  But I know I'll forget which one will be which......

Ta-da.  Not bad.  They got too thick around the edge, so instead of putting the binding around the edge, I did a zigzag stitch.  Ok.  But like I said, the bottom is too thin.

They fit really well.
Well it's raining, windy and getting colder by the minute.  Not too happy today.  Don't ask.  But I was happy to be home sewing.  Just thought that something else was going to go on and it didn't.
I did cook lamb!  And potatoes and green beans!  Now I'm not a cook, so this was a very big deal.  And it tasted great.  I'm feeling better after the delious dinner. 
I will have to get back to work in a day or two.  Just wanted to get a coule of little things done.

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