Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

At guild meeting last night we exchanged table runners!  I love mine!

Look at the snowmen!  Just adorable.

I also got 2 rows sewn together on this biggggg quilt.  Then I got distracted.

Here's my dining room table!  The table runner hangs over the edges.  I love that!  I actually cleared all the stuff off it and put this on.

Have the stocking out.

And I put Christmas cards around when they come in.  I did get the little white lights up on the inside of my sewing room windows.  Nothing fancy.  And then when I want to take them down, I can do it from the inside, instead of going out in the cold.

Here's the distraction.... I was given a bag of blue strips.  Someone else had gotten them in the UFO exchange and wasnt' going to do any thing with them.  Some were sewn together, but not all... I kept that going.

AND VIOLA!  My first Modern quilt!!!  I love it.  There is more gray hanging down over the side.  But there is plenty of room for quilting to show.  Not that I have more time to quilt, but this is cool!  "Out of Wack" keeps coming to mind for a title for this one.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so there are a few more things to do outside before the actual winter sets in.  I have to remember to do them!!!  Then I'm going to keep quilting up this storm that I'm in.  The one in the frame is so close to done.  I have to get the next one ready to drop into the frame.  Marking and basting on that one.  So while the table is not too full.... I will do that next.  Then finish the double wedding ring, and start to quilt on the baby quilt... remember that one with the bright colors?  I love having alot to do.  I just keep going and all of a sudden there's alot done. 
Y'all have a great holiday time.  Eat sweets, hug people you want to, and rip open the packages! 
May your rotary cutters be sharp, your iron hot, and the fabric plentiful! 
Happy Quilting!


  1. I like your modern quilt, what a great way to use those strips! And beautiful BIG quilt too!

    1. They were all cut 6" wide, and I trimmed them down to 5 1/2". When you add in the large areas of gray, the quilt grows quickly! Maybe Modern quilt means fast quilt.