Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Aren't they cute!  People are making them and leaving them around in places for others to find them and take them home.  Random acts of kindness are still going!

Here's the bunny.  I think they are about 4" high.  They are shown on facebook...all different colors, some ninja bunnies, and some with mustaches!  Just have fun with them.

Here's a copy of the "how to make" sheet.  Just too cute.

I have made all the potholders I want to!  I also did up an estimate for another customer to finish 2 small quilts.  One woman had been making them.  But she is in her 80's and just can't finish them.  So they are in the pile to be worked on. 
That pile is pretty big right now!  One in the frame is in to the 3rd corner!  Yea!! So I can get the next one marked and basted, ready to go in as soon as this one is finished quilting.  Then one to piece for a customer. She wants to quilt one.  Also for her another 2 to do from start to finish.  And then for yet someone else, another beautiful hand pieced quilt top to be quilted.  That one is gorgeous.  So?  How many is that?  I give up counting at this point.  As for mine...I do something every couple of days to feel like I haven't forgotten about all my stuff.  But when I look at the pile of quilt tops waiting to be worked on.... well it's in one cabinette and 2 or 3 huge rubber  maid tubs... I really need to be snowed in this year!
(Oh, yea, and the other one on the design wall.... )
I don't want to be cloned.  I love to quilt.  But if I could have maid service and a cook in a few times a week, I'd be alot happier!
Think I  am about ready for Christmas.  Still would like to get one more big present for Terry... but I'm running out of ideas.  So unless it falls off a shelf as I go through a store, I'm stuck. 
Stay Calm and Quilt.

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