Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ok, ready, set, GO!  SEW!!!

And it's all together!  7 x 8 blocks....

Abe Lincoln pattern.

Thing goes on forever!  So nice to see things get completed.

The white one is done, and the blue is the next to be quilted.  I'll use a hoop.  It's a big baby quilt.  Having fun doing those.
Do want to work a couple of days on a few things that don't have a deadline.  Just want to space out while quilting.  My own designs sit and wait patiently while I am trying to produce things for customers.  I love what I do.  But you need time for your own things too. 
Holidays are here to give us a break, but do they really?  Too many expectations?  I haven't even finished my Christmas cards.  So I'll get those done and I'm either way behind, or way ahead!  I just can't worry about this.  You have to change your priorities, or you will go nuts. 
I can remember the summer time.  Even being bored.  Just outside and having fun with my sister and brother.  Mom used to save things, so we could "make" things when were  couldn't think of anything to do.  I guess that's how I got into making things.  I can go buy the stuff now to work with, but my imagination goes farther than alot of people who need those patterns.  I like patterns, but they are a starting point.  Then go jump off the deep end and have some fun with it. 
I have been wearing my fleece coat, hat, scarf, and matching purse.  You wouldn't believe all the complements I get every day!  I want to make another coat, a bit longer and 2 layers of fleece.  Either the weather is getting colder, or I can't get warm enough anymore!  It's so fun to wear something that no one else has.  Why does everyone look so dark and dismal out there?  Put some color into your winter clothes, PLEASE!  I hate winter.  There is so much grey and blah out there.  We need to wear more bright colors.  If you got to a ski area, everyone wears bright colors.  I guess, if they fall down into the snow, they will be easier to find!  But it sure does pick up your spirits if the colors you wear are prettier, more colorful, and more than just dark.
Have some more fun!  The new year has got to get better if we all try!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ever have a day where you are looking for something that is not fabric related and you are stumped on where to find it?  Yea, bathroom cabinet knobs.  I bought these a couple of years ago.  Now Terry is building new cabinets with 2 more drawers... and I don't have enough knobs.  Ok, I thought I could just go pick up 2 more at Home Depot, but NOOOOOOO!  They don't carry them anymore.  Only have a lot of Martha Steward thingies.  Not my taste, but I think I'm out of luck.

Here's a picture without the flash, from an angle.  I saw something similiar on a site, but it had knotchs around the outer edges.  Now I could live with other knobs, but to just chuck out something because you can't find 2 more.  It bugs the crap out of me.  I save the smallest fabric scraps, and then would just discard 10 knobs?  Ok, if you are going to remodel the whole thing, then get new knobs to match the other stuff... and Habitat for Humanity will get these.  Does anyone have 2 more I can get from them?
This really is a throw away society now.  My Dad used to fix things when they would break.  Living up in Vermont, there weren't big stores to just run to to replace items.... You would have to ask around to see if people had something you could use.  So It really wouldn't bother me to have 2 different knobs in there.  It'll drive Terry crazy though.  I have 2 floor lamps that need fixing... I have rewired lamps before.  It's not hard if you could find the parts....but that's not easy anymore either. 
So my quilting will always consist of making something out of the smaller pieces.  Right down to the slippers and pincushions!  Fabric is too expensive to throw out!  And too beautiful. 
No sewing yet today, and I think we are goin to the movies in about an hour.  That new 007 movie!  Yea!  Love those.  Classy guy finds out what's going on and gets rid of the bad guys.  Close enough to a Prince Charming as any fairy tale.  (Got to get my head out of the clouds someday.)
This weekend is for me and my projects anyways.  I haven't done much, but that's ok too.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Love this one!  Done and out of the frame.  It is king size...7 x 8 rings  The colors are wonderful.  It's all hand pieced.  Took the woman 3 years to do the top. 

Here is a close up of the quilting design.  Did stitch in the ditch on either side of the rings and through the 4 patches.  Ok, as I'm looking at this picture, I can see a spot that I missed!  So I go back over quilts once they are out of the frame to catch any place that I missed.... easy enough to do.  Both the miss and the catch.  I'll quilt it up tomorrow. 

Here it is all folded up on the table.  I really do love this one.  She said she wanted to get it to the couple that got married 3 years ago...before their 10th anniversary.  She's going to put on the binding!

Here's the next one just "dropped" in to the frame.  I'll start quilting on that one in the next day or two.
What a way to end the year! 
New year's resolution? 
I'm getting plenty of things done.  I do want to go up in a hot air balloon.  But that's another story.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day of little things!  I did finish the double wedding ring.  Will take it out of the frame as soon as the next one is ready to drop in... But I saw these on a blog, and don't remember which one... But they were cute and I had some blue strips left over from the modern quilt (look back a couple of days.)

I cut one strip in half, added the stripe down the 2 sides, and viola!  2 water bottle things.

Pretty cute.  Haven't added all the little buttons or ribbons.... but I like them.

Then I looked at the pile sitting on the table with the sewing machine.  I had flannel sitting there for over a year with the pattern for these slippers.  So I put them together.  2 layers of cotton batting... great for the top, but the bottom layers need more cushion...not sure what to use.  But I want nice thick comfy slippers.

Here's the tops.  Cute.  Now I'll be able to have a right and left.  But I know I'll forget which one will be which......

Ta-da.  Not bad.  They got too thick around the edge, so instead of putting the binding around the edge, I did a zigzag stitch.  Ok.  But like I said, the bottom is too thin.

They fit really well.
Well it's raining, windy and getting colder by the minute.  Not too happy today.  Don't ask.  But I was happy to be home sewing.  Just thought that something else was going to go on and it didn't.
I did cook lamb!  And potatoes and green beans!  Now I'm not a cook, so this was a very big deal.  And it tasted great.  I'm feeling better after the delious dinner. 
I will have to get back to work in a day or two.  Just wanted to get a coule of little things done.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I love checking out the stats and seeing what countries have been looking at my blog!  Thanks to all of them for checking in!  Now Panama!  The UK had 15 hits this week!  Too cool. 

So it's the end of the year.  What have you made?  I keep lists of what I have worked on through the year, every year.  And one master list.  So I can double check to make sure I haven't lost track of things.  The master list is up to 853 items.  Sometimes, I have listed a couple of things for any one number.  Like 851 is 8 pairs of cupcake potholders.  You can't list them a 8 seperate things... or my list would really be long.

So here's what I did work on for 2012:
1.  Ice Dragon  30x30
2.  9 Patch with Coi fish 68 1/2x 56 1/2
3 Blue/yellow Lone Star 85x85 (hand quilted for a customer)
4 Large Sheep quilt 71 x 58  (top done, not quilted yet)
5. Medium sheep 22x17
6. small sheep 13 x 10(put into the small quilt sale)
7 Blue and White (blue squares were 5")  top done, not quilted yet.
8.  Small blue wallhanging, worked up for a challenge piece.  (which is currently lost in the mail!)
9.  Triangles 85x85, flannels (for a customer)
10.  Finished quilting the Hawaiian style Dolphins wallhanging 40 x 57 1/2
11. Stripes and Curves "4th Day of the Universe."  56x 64
12.  6 Tulip in each size to see what they would turn out to be, 2 for gifts.
13. Challenge piece for SMQ guild.
14 Purse with petals, yellow/black/white(customer)
15 Hand quilted a postage stamp quilt, 45x 65(customer)
16 Spring Panel wall hanging 37 1/2 x 48 1/2(customer)
17.  Log Cabin "Wonky Logs"  (not quilted yet)
18.  Fabric Bucket, 9" high
19 Hand quilted an antique 9 patch  82x67(customer)
20.  Assembled a quilt top from signature blocks from the class I taught.
21.  Magenta petals for 2 flowers were constructed (still on the design wall)

Another quilt finished "Press Any Key", started last year 71x72
22Lone Star quilt, hand quilting, found the top in an antique store (in progress)
23 Double wedding ring, hand quilting, almost done, king size(customer)
24  Florida quilt, made from start to finish 63x63(customer)
25  Assembled a t shirt quilt top, for customer
26  Assembled a t shirt quilt top for my sister
27  hand quilted a small quilt with skateboarders on it, 42x62
28 Made a table runner of my own design of 3 spools, machine quilted
29.  2 blocks for presidents of 2 quilt guilds
30  Table runner with dogwood flowers on it(for a customer)
31 Big blue bag for Travel
32 Civil war blocks for another guild president (I'm in 3 guilds and starting in another)
33 Big Bag with dragons and wizzards
35Christmas block for an exchange
36 Another bigger dragon bag!
37Vest with dragons on it to match the bags
38Stack and wack, 4 blocks for a small runner 12x35
39Purple cat wall hanging, machine quilted  18x 24
40 Orange and white cat wallhanging 24x18(for a friend)
41  8 pairs of cupcake potholders.
42  Assembled the top of the Abe Lincoln quilt  56 blocks 12" square each(customer)
43 Modern quilt top  (not quilted yet)
44.  Castle wallhanging, 35x55, edges sewn on and basted
45 cross stitch piece started...

Ok, so I don't always number well, and I have things in progress, but I'm working all the time.  My records could use a secretary.  I wanted to start a website to sell off some things that are around here.  Lord knows there are quilts everywhere!!!  And I love making them.  Some experiments with new techniques are not so great, but you don't get better without trying stuff!  So I need more organization to take pictures properly for sale items and records.  But let's face it, that would take away time from actual sewing. 

I sew quickly, and can figure things out on the fly.  I love making up my own designs and patterns.  Would I ever want to be on Project Runway?  Maybe for a week or two.  Then I would be bored with the weekly restrictions that they put on you.  Too many rules.  Not enough freedom, and certainly, not enough time to finish projects.  I spend days getting piles of fabrics coordinated, not 1/2 hour in a shop that I was unfamiliar with.  I do love seeing what they come up with.  But to be kicked off for one bad outfit because it was something you weren't used to making, well the show needs to rething a few things.

How did I get onto that?  Anyways, I love making things out of fabrics.  I am always on the lookout for different ways of putting things together.  I saw on a blog about making "sleeves" for waterbottles that you carry around.  It keeps the drink cooler, AND you know which bottle is yours!  I love her design for them.  So I will be making a few of those.  Don't worry, I have yet to figure out Etsy sites.  Someday I'll have a way to sell all that I have made....

Keep sewing and having FUN!  I got to open my presents this morning.  Now Terry and I don't know what to do!  We used to have Leggo sets and put those together, but after 30 years of Leggos, we needed a break.  Ok?  Now what?.....


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ok, I feel like I should put that "one of these was not like the others...."  Meaning that one had been broken!  The cutter with the ribbon on it, had the blade stuck into the axle.  So it wouldn't go around when you tried to cut.  I was so upset.  So I saw on another blog that someone had trouble with their Fiskar cutter and the company helped her out!  So I wrote to them, and they sent another axle and blade!  Free!!!  I was thrilled!  How many companies out there really back up their products!  It's fixed, with the help of my hubby and 2 pairs of pliers to get the blade out.  I needed that orange piece from mine... and I'm back to both working.  I usually have one on the big table and one by my sewing machine.  I work on 2 tables, and rather than going back and forth to find the cutter, it's easier to have 2.  Sissors are important too... these Gingers are sooooo loose right now, it's hard to cut even with squeezing the handles together.  So I have to find a guy to sharpen them and tighten up the screw...or get another pair.  I have several more pairs around...we'll talk about this in a minute.

Here's the castle that I appliqued by hand.  I love doing these.  Second castle, and it's alittle larger than the blue one I did.  I also love the curved pieced borders.  So I just did that.  The backing piece needs to be that's next, then basting.

One side....

And the other.  Lots of color!
We had an appraiser come talk with the guild several years ago.  Not only does she appraise quilts, but work rooms.  Mainly for insurance purposes.  Let's face it, if the house burned down, how much fabric do you own?  Sissors?  Plastic rulers?  She would come and assess what you have and how much is the value.  So if things go wrong, then they could be replaced.  So take out all your sissors, and take a picture of them....same with anything else.  At least then you have some proof of ownership!  Fabric can be weighed... 1 yard is about 4 ozs.  (I think)  Some fabrics are heavier than others and more expensive than others.  But if you aren't willing to at least take pictures of this stuff, then don't expect an insurance person to believe that you had it all. 
The thought of spending time doing this instead of quilting...well, yea.  But you can at least open every drawer and take a picture.  Put these in your computor and on one of those sticks... then once a year, do that.  Update, because you know you have more each year. 
Quilts, well, those will only be replaced at cost of supplies unless you have had them appraised!  So don't think you are going to get hundreds or thousands of dollars for any that are damaged or stolen.  If you only have a couple that mean a lot to you, it's not too much money to get them appraised.  I have somewhere over 100 quilts in the house, all different sizes and some are better than others.  Should I get them all appraised.  Nay.  But if there is a fire, I'm in deep trouble.
I just mailed one into a contest.  Can't seem to find out if it got there or not even with delivery confirmation.  Bummer.  Not that it was worth that much.  It was 33" x 33"... but I liked it and do want it back.  I really hope it gets to the contest..... I have never had one get completely lost in the mail.  So I'm hoping that it shows up.  I guess that is what got me thinking about all this appraisal stuff. 
Christmas is around the corner.  I'm going to cook a boned leg of lamb.  Now a non-cook is going to try this... so wish me luck!  Got to get the mint jelly and potatoes tomorrow!  I'd rather cut out a new quilt top.....
Ho, Ho, Ho to everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is the cross stitch piece that I'm still working on!  It was a kit I got at a yardsale for about $1.  It only had 3 shades of blue floss.  Not enough color for me.  So I dug though all the floss I have, which is alot, and picked out some fun colors.  One year for Christmas, my parents went into a craft shop that was closing.  Now the more floss you got, the cheaper it was per skein.  So my Mom says, "I'll take all you have left!"  Must have been a couple hundred skeins!  Some odd colors, but I'm good.

Here's the double wedding ring quilt.  2 rings left!  Got to move it in the frame in a minute.....

I want pictures of Calvin and Hobbs funny ones.  There is a quilt pattern of snowmen to do in red floss.  Well, I'm a blue person, so will do them in blue.  But I want to draw my own funny snowmen! 

Or cute ones!  Isn't he wonderful!  I need to learn felting.  I have some of the things for that.....but the time hasn't been around to get into this.

These are some actual snowmen made from Calvin's cartoons.  Love it!

I saw this on facebook!  I think these should be put out and around for new years eve.  I'm getting better at copy and paste! 
So?  Anyone still make resolutions?  Does anyone make ones that they will actually keep longer than 4 to 6 weeks?  So why not make something that you will like and want to do.  Like try new techniques.  Take more classes.  Get out that pretty fabric and play with it once a month.  You never know until you try!  Patterns are just a starting point.  You don't have to follow them from start to finish.  You can change so many things!!!
I also saw a thing that you can do.  Get a jar, and write down when something good happens or makes you happy through out the year.  Then put that slip into the jar.  At the end of the year you can read all the good stuff.  Too much  is negative out there.  Let's stress the good things for a change!  Come on!  What else do you do to make it more fun? 
Just make an extra 8 x 10" piece when ever you have the scraps left on the table from a project.  You can save that to give to someone when they are having a tough time.  It's more personal then a card, and will brighten up their day.  I call them magic quilts.  You can hug them and take them along to make you feel better.  Small quilts are wonderful gifts.  They fit into manilla envelopes...easy to mail. 
Well, got to get sewing.  The day has been busy and I haven't gotten any sewing done yet!
Chocolate first...
Y'all have a Merry Christmas and lots of fun ripping open packages.
Hug those that are there.
Call those who aren't there. 
Love everyone.
Practice random acts of quilting.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wow...2 days have zoomed past.  I have had plenty to do and just kept at it.  Presents wrapped.  Check.  Thursday Bee's Christmas party, check.  Fun!  Laugh!  Eat! Check.  Isn't that what parties are for!  Saw a couple of women that haven't been around too much in the past year.  Their lives have been busy too.  Women really are the backbone of society.  And quilting keeps my bunch of friends together! 

Quilted today on the double wedding ring.  Soooo close to the end I can see it!  2 more rings to go!  Need to finish assembling the Abe Lincoln quilt top.  Then get the next one ready to go into the frame.  Needs marking and basting. 

I will be taking time during Christmas week to work on my things.  Think it's only fair.  It's time off for me in a way.  No pressure to do something the way someone else wants it done.  I have so many quilt tops waiting to be quilted....I may just pull one of those out and either baste it or start quilting.  I figure, if I have it started, then I won't lose the idea.  So many ideas have faded away.  I have baskets and (fake) books that hold ideas and little sketches.  When I have time, I sit down and go through them.  Usually just to refresh my memory on what's waiting to be done.  And reshuffle them. So I don't mind getting snowed in during the winter.  I figure those are "free" days to do what I want.  If you couldn't get to work because of snow, you would do that.  Since I work at home, I don't skip work too often.  But I do make sure to schedule in time for my own things.  Or else you do go bonkers. 

I took my camera to the party and forgot it was in my purse.  It was pouring rain all day, I mean POURING rain, so I had other things to worry about.  And I ate too much.  Man, those women can fix great food!  Thanks to all of them for keeping me fed. 

I have been taking a cross stitch piece to bee to work on.  It's alot of work in a small bag.  I decided to do my own colors in it.  Love the way it's coming out.  So tomorrow I'll take a picture of that and post it.  I used to embroidare and stitch all the time.  My clothes were covered back in the 70's.  I started making more clothes to have more spaces to decorate!  And then there were scraps... which lead to the quilting!  So sometimes I like to pick up the floss and put some stitches on something! 

Weather got very cold again.  Can't stand it.  Damp and sooo windy.  Goes right through you.  So maybe it's time to make another fleece coat.  Thinking about making it about 6" longer and 2 layers of fleece this time.  I just get cold so quickly now.  I had to gas up the car today, and my hands hurt so badly afterwards.  I get a pair of garden gloves when they go on sale at the end of summer.  Keep those in the car to use when getting gas.  Then if they smell like gas, well, I haven't ruined my good gloves.  Then next summer, I take them out of the car and use them for my 2 hours of gardening that year!  (and that was my helpful hint for December!)

Hope you all are ready for this Christmas thing.  I just want to take it easy and enjoy being inside.  I do like driving around at night and seeing the houses lit up!  Ho, ho, HO! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh My Gosh.  Am I tired.  Terry is napping now and it's only 4pm.  I worked out, went to the Chiropractor, came home.  Lunched.  Then wrapped presents for 3 hours!  I didn't think we had gotten that much stuff... the cupcake potholders are on their way to new kitchens!  Aren't they fun! 

I am hand quilting this one.  Not too big, and it may go into a small quilt sale to help out paying for an award by Thursday Bee, or go into the small quilt sale for the show.  Anyone interested in it?  It's about half done right now.....
So I may get to quilt later today.  I'm going to do bacon tonight.  Not sure if it will be a sandwich or with eggs, but BACON!  Every once in a while you have to treat yourself. 
That "holiday" is next week.  Ready............set........ almost.......
I've put up some lights in the front windows.  Kind of nice.  Most years I just don't feel like decking the halls.  I used to, but no help from the peanut gallery made it all my job.  So I cut way back.  If I want to see more, I go for a ride at night.  I love, love, love Christmas lights on houses!  Too pretty!  Doesn't have to be a thousand lights to be good.  It's just fun to see the lights on!
Take care everyone! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

At guild meeting last night we exchanged table runners!  I love mine!

Look at the snowmen!  Just adorable.

I also got 2 rows sewn together on this biggggg quilt.  Then I got distracted.

Here's my dining room table!  The table runner hangs over the edges.  I love that!  I actually cleared all the stuff off it and put this on.

Have the stocking out.

And I put Christmas cards around when they come in.  I did get the little white lights up on the inside of my sewing room windows.  Nothing fancy.  And then when I want to take them down, I can do it from the inside, instead of going out in the cold.

Here's the distraction.... I was given a bag of blue strips.  Someone else had gotten them in the UFO exchange and wasnt' going to do any thing with them.  Some were sewn together, but not all... I kept that going.

AND VIOLA!  My first Modern quilt!!!  I love it.  There is more gray hanging down over the side.  But there is plenty of room for quilting to show.  Not that I have more time to quilt, but this is cool!  "Out of Wack" keeps coming to mind for a title for this one.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so there are a few more things to do outside before the actual winter sets in.  I have to remember to do them!!!  Then I'm going to keep quilting up this storm that I'm in.  The one in the frame is so close to done.  I have to get the next one ready to drop into the frame.  Marking and basting on that one.  So while the table is not too full.... I will do that next.  Then finish the double wedding ring, and start to quilt on the baby quilt... remember that one with the bright colors?  I love having alot to do.  I just keep going and all of a sudden there's alot done. 
Y'all have a great holiday time.  Eat sweets, hug people you want to, and rip open the packages! 
May your rotary cutters be sharp, your iron hot, and the fabric plentiful! 
Happy Quilting!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm down to the last corner section!!!
What do you mean, next week is Christmas?  Are you ready?  I'm not!

Also getting these sections sewn together...
I may work like an elf but I don't have a bunch of them around to help with anything else! 
Terry has been building bathroom cabinets for the next phase of the remodel.  Which I hope will be the last and much, much shorter.  But some how, 3 bed rooms and 2 bathrooms doesn't sound like a quick project to me!  And we want to combine 2 closets to make one really large one for the master bed room.  Then put in a smaller one for that "other bedroom".  Hate to call it a guest bedroom, since there isn't any bed in there. 
I love looking at which countries are stopping by to see my blog!  Hi to everyone out there!  I have to look up some places!  This is giving me a world lesson.  I know quilting and fabrics.  I love looking at blogs to see what's going on around the world. 
It's been raining all day, lots of rain.  Guild meeting tonight!  Last one for the month.  More fun with quilters! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What have I been doing all day?  These!  56 blocks are done.  I have to sew them together, but needed a break from sitting at the machine all day and all yesterday, and 2 other days.  They look ok! 
I have been getting other things organized for a Christmas party on monday and thursday (bee).  Kind of nice parties.  Not crazy or over the top.  But certainly, lots of laughs! 
Started quilting one for the small quilt sale and got a few other small pieces that will get something added to them tomorrow.  Just felt like doing something with no deadlines, or rules! 
Hope you all had a nice Saturday.  Weather was bright, but too cold for me to hang out anywheres!  I had dto take a book back to Books a Million.  Seems I buy the same book every once in a while.  Just can't remember all the books I have! 
Been coming up with ideas for the next challenge for a guild.  Have you had any fun ones that you really enjoyed?  Do you just like a theme, or do you like getting a piece of fabric you have to use in the piece?  I'm formulating the rules.... could go many different ways! 
Take care, and quilt! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty!  All done!

And so is this one!  So they are ready to go to new homes....

This is the other stuff that I have been working on all day. 

And they blocks are coming together.  Just taking more time than I first thought.
I work all day and ignor the news.  And it was terrible.  Do I have an opinion... well yea.  He should have shot himself first and left the school alone.   I don't get it.  I really do live in my own world. 
Keep quilting.  I did find a neat saying on line today. 
"To succeed in life, you need 3 things....
A wish bone,
A back bone,
and A funny bone."
Practice random acts of kindness and quilting. 
Take care everyone. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday bee is so great to go to every week.  The women who meet up there are open and warm and understanding.  There are a couple of women who are going through some very tough times.  Not mine to openly talk about, but it is so wonderful to have the support of others to help you get through crap.  Take care to the Babes who are hurting. 

Next week we will have our Christmas party.  Now we certainly don't dance on the tables.  Got too many projects there.  But we do bring food and have a lot of laughs!  We also don't like rules.  A few new members are having troubles with understanding this. 

1.  No rules...
2.  Ignor any rules....
3. Do what you want (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.)....
4. What rules?

I was going to spend a couple of days doing my own work....can you tell I haven't gotten to do that!  I'm still trying to just clear the table enough to get something out.  But there are so many things going on on the table, that I've just spent 2 days trying to get on bindings, sort out the patterns with the fabrics, and start the second block for the quilt I'm piecing for a customer.   I'm going to give myself time off at Christmas!  I also have to wrap up some more things.  Can't stand the pressure.

Ok, I feel better now.  No pictures because it's all been boring stuff that I have been clearing out.  Is anyone ready for this big holiday hoopla?  I know it gets here every year, but some years it feels more like going to get a flu shot.  (Which I do NOT get anymore.  I got really really sick after the last one, and refuse to do that again!)

So I need some fabrics to sit and cuddle with.  And alittle more chocolate!  Then I'll be fine.  I found the Christmas lights, but not the hooks that have the suckers on them to put them up on the inside of my sewing room windows.  Started doing that because it's easy to take care of them if they are inside.  We also didn't have outside outlets for 15 years.  Now we do, and we don't have outside lights anymore! 

It got really cold again, and I like warm...HOT... Like sand beneath my toes and sweating on a beach HOT!  Sleep with the heating pad on high and have dreams of the waves on the beach.  I know that I'm not going to have any vacations for a few months, but I can go there in my head!  Bye....


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last night was interesting.... the outside light went on.  Not too big a deal.  Thought there was just an animal out there.  That was around 1am.  Then at 2:30am, my CPAP machine was not working.  Now that helps me breath all night long, so you are bound to notice if it's not working.  I woke up on my back with my mouth open and very dry.  No power!  Great....

Off to find a flashlight and see what was up.  No lights on at any houses or street lights.  Found my cell phone and called it in.  Getting colder so just went back to bed..... 6:30am woke up and still no power!  Very strange.  The electric company is usually much quicker than this!  So I found the bigger flash light that I got last Christmas and had breakfast.  Still went and worked out.  It was warm down there!  Terry was home and said it finally came on at 8:30am.  And I forgot to mention that at 3:30 the ADT alarm told us in a very loud way that the battery back up was we turned that off.  So not a very restful night. 

We watched a couple of those shows about people who are getting ready for the "worst" that could happen.  Well, I don't want to be quite that paranoid, but it doesn't hurt to have a few more flashlights, and things around to help when mother nature gets mad.  I guess a tree came down somewhere and took out some lines.  Then if a bad storm comes this winter, (and they seem to be getting more furious) we will be better prepared for being home and still be cozy.  I'm not getting a gun and having a bunker loaded up.  Only if it's loaded with fabric! 

So the guild in Norris is having it's Christmas party today at noon... 12/12/12/ at noon!  Too cool!  So when is the end of the earth supposed to happen?  on the 21st?  I think the Myan's just ran out of room on that round rock.  And they didn't have time to start the next calendar.  What ever. 

The party should be fun.  They always are!  I could use a few smiles today!  Then I'm going to get back to quilting!  Either get that one farther along, or pull out something of mine to play around on. 

Keep quilting!  Patty

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy, busy, busy... got the borders on this one and basted it.  No marking.  Will use masking tape as I go along for any quilting lines.

Next up, plenty of piecing.  cut 2 strips and sew together, 56 times.   Make pairs....

Cut and sew, and sew, and sew, and sew.

And some more sewing.

Until you get blocks of 16 squares in each.... 28 of them.  I'm about half way through and going nuts just pushing these through the machine.

And here's all the pieces cut for the next 28 blocks.  A star block....

Here's what the pattern is.... I thought I had enough cut out for the 16 patch blocks.  As I neared the end of the pile, I was short.  ONly had 22 blocks going.  So I had to cut out more.  Since I had cut out the other stuff for the other 28 blocks, it was some tricky cutting!  There was just enough fabric!
So when you get a pattern, they are cutting it closer and closer to the exact amounts that you will actually use.  Wouldn't hurt to get an extra half yard or two!!!  If you slip when cutting, there is no margin for errors!  I don't have any of this kind of fabrics in my stash, so I would have had to go buy some (some place) if I had to make any other changes.  Also, one fat quarter that had been picked out, was faded on one edge where the fold had been near to light.  I did cut around that.  Wasn't going to use that one at all at first, but then had to!  So check those fat quarters to make sure the color is good all the way around. 
I love sewing, but this is not creative in some ways.  You do the same motions over and over.  So the next day or two, I'm planning on moving this to the side and doing something of mine.  Then I'll get back to this. 
Tomorrow is another guild's Christmas party.  I have to make a dessert. I'm an expert at brownies, so there you have it!  Last batch has the cream cheese that has the chocolate in it for the frosting!  Wonderful!!!  This batch, I have the toffee pieces to put in.  I get to lick the bowl.  Best part! 
Anyways, Christmas will be here in about 2 weeks.  Yikes.  I am sort of finished.  I would like to get one or two more things for Terry, but I'm stumped as to what in the world to get him.  Should be easy, right?  But he goes and gets what ever when ever. 
I vote for maid service!  What a great gift for one time or one year.  Think he would like that?
I have a few sayings on the bulletin board by this computor....
"There will be Drama."
Plan to be Surprised!
This could get Loud!
and "Strictly No Elephants!"
They make me smile.  Helps.