Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ready for the next group of pictures from the Houston show?  It's real eye candy for quilters.  I still don't have my catalog back from the show, I mailed it home.  These were from the garden exhibit (I think).

This had the thin folded strips in the seams and they were tacked down going side to side.  Terrible discription, but the texture it adds is wonderful.

Ok, this was (weird) different.  Pipecleaners are the fuzzy bits around the flowers.  Can't imagine shipping this one.  But I like the fact that they tried something that no one else has ever done.  That's what leads you to new things...

Nice three some...Course I love blue and yellows together.  This is just so pleasing to my eyes.

The black makes the colors pop.  I love flowers that are "redesigned".  Need to come up with new flowers all the time.

This is a fun thing to do.  Get 4 people to make the "same" flower design.  Cut it into quarters and each gets a quarter from each person.  Then put those together.  You get to see the different perspective that comes out of the different artists.

Nice shot of the floral exhibit.

Love these sunflowers.  3-D leaves and petals.

Talk about 3-D!  Here's a

close up!  So much work in this one!!!

And a superb cat quilt!  I know it's a pattern, but it's just wonderful.  You could almost hear it purrrrrr.
I'm still mentally at the show.  Walking through the hundreds of quilts on display!  I have been working on mine that has been on the design wall for months.  Just want to get the top together to have it down.  The box of goodies should be here today from the show!  I will go nuts all over again.  I also came home to several phone calls for more work coming in!  Alright!  Time to get in here and quilt, quilt, quilt....
Quilt guild meeting tonight.  The challenge quilts should be coming in!  So I'll bring my camera and take pictures of those.  Been waiting a year to see these! 
At the show, Candace and I discussed new goals for our quilting and lives.  What do you want to get from your quilting?  Just to finish a quilt is good and important.  I want to do way more than that.  I love teaching and lecturing.  So more of that.  Which means expanding what I teach.  Need to sit down and work on that.  Also want to work on more of my own designs and have more individual showings.  It really is wonderful to walk into a room of your own quilts on display!  I have had a few.  But need new things up.  So this winter will be time to create and work.  AND I MEAN WORK. 
I started this blog in December last year.  I also want to start a website.  Haven't done that yet.  So more computer learning... not as much fun, but I have to retune my thinking to that. 
So?  What will your goals be for next year?  Don't wait until the end of the year to think about that.  Start right now. 
New quilts, new designs, take new classes, teach new classes.  ?  Push yourself and have fun at it.  There will be things that end up looking like crap, but if it leads you to a better place, then take the bumpy roads. 

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