Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

OMG!  Isnt' this gorgeous!!!  This came in a couple of days ago to be hand quilted!  The story is, she took a class from Allison's shop.  This is the 3rd quilt top that she has ever done....all by hand!!!  and it has taken 11 years!!!  So of course she wants it hand quilted....and done sooner than 11 more years.  I have another quilt in the frame and one waiting for a customer to go in.  So it may be 4 to 6 months before I can get to it.  But I'm drooling over it and can't wait!  It's a Jenny Byers design.  Just super.

The day before I was to travel to the Houston show, I couldn't find a big enough  bag to carry papers in a pocket without folding them over... so I either had to use a much bigger bag, or much smaller bag, or make one..... so I made this one!  On the left side is a pocket for a water bottle...*note, always make it to fit the biggest bottle... this was too small for some and ended up going inside the bag.  The pocket facing you was great for snacks.  Has pleats at the bottom for extra room!  You know how you need munchies at a quilt show!

This is the side pocket for papers to fit into.  As I used the bag I realized the bottom of the bag needs to be larger, and the top a bit narrower.  This pocket needed to be 1" higher from the bottom and the top up more with velcro to keep it shut.  So I'm going to redesign it and make another!  Why not?  You know I have the fabric!  Just not alot of time.  It took me one full day, and I need to do the final hand stitching around the top... Used safety pins on the trip!

So inside there were 2 pockets on each side.  At the bottom of the picture were 2 with pleats to fill up nicely, one lower than the other.  On the top of the picture, there are 2, one is hidden behind the other one for extra safety in carrying extra money.  (Don't tell anyone!)  But you need to have it alittle hidden so no one can just reach in there and grab stuff.
That was something that surprises everyone about theft at the show!  Lots of pick pockets and stealing from vendors there.  Unreal.  Many people said the quilters are the most trusted people around.  But then, think about it, where do people go to steal?  Around trusted people.  So they are there to pick up things and sell them on the internet just like all those people who steal from the big stores.  There were many, many police and security guards there.  So when you go to a show, take care with your things. 

This is the next quilt to work on at the table!  It has skateboarders on it!  Wonderful.  So I'm going to quilt wavy lines for the effect of skating up and down on the tube.

And the close-up!  Isn't that great fabric!!!
So today I'll be sewing alot and taking cupcakes over to a friend!  Fabric and friends is the best mix for any day. 
Design something today!  It's not easy coming up with "your own designs".  But if you don't try, then you never will.  I learned how to blog.... that is something!  I need to learn how to add things to the side of the blog.  I have signed up and been accepted into the Quilters Blog site...and they asked me to add their sign to the page...ok....just a minute....don't pop a cork... reread directions.... print them out and read again....don't panic... Let's see if I can expand my horizons..... ouch... I'm going to do this.....ouch... keep at it until it either shows up or I spazzz out on the floor....breakfast first.....

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