Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ok, so what are you looking at?  Someone knocked down the stop sign at the street corner across from my house.  Funny thing one would stop before this was down.  Now everyone is stopping to look at it!  Should have been knocked down long ago!!!  Wonder how long it will be before the city comes and puts it back up!  Stay tuned!

Next bag sections as the pockets go on first.  Have to sew the velcro in place before the sections get sewn together.  It's easier that way.  The white is the lining.  Found that if you have a very light color inside, you sure can find things easier and quicker!  Love double pockets too... Behind the dragon pocket is another smaller one for the cell phone.

Here's one of the outside panels.  Just need to make a vest to go with the dragon purse!

Handle section that will face out.

Several layers of batting for the inside of the handle.  I'll machine quilt that all in place before I assemble it.  Makes it much easier to turn inside out!  You figure this stuff out eventually!

The Double Wedding Ring quilt is out to the first corner!  So it's more than half done quilting.  Just love it.

This is the garden before it was weeded.This is after, and it's been mulched.

And another shot of it finished.  I had a before picture of this side...but it's dissappeared.  I still need more practice with this computer.

And at one of the guild's Christmas parties, we are going to exchange UFO's.... I don't like to think of them as unfinished.  Just "in progress" and back in the line.  But I got this panel a long time ago to quilt up and give to the Ronald MacDonald house.  They give every family who has a kid in the hospital, a quilt to keep.  I just never got to this one.  So it should go to someone who can finish it and enjoy it.  I used to make 4 to 7 quilts a year for that.  But time seems to slip away too quickly every year now.  I only get 1 or 2 done.  I do quilt them by hand. 
I used to have all my Christmas shopping done by this time every year also.  But this year, I'm stumped.  Not only have I not gotten done, but barely started, and NO idea what to get some people in the family.  So next week, I'll have to get to it!  Not the day after Thanksgiving.  For heavens sake!  Let the turkey settle a little bit!  As a kid, we used to make things for presents in school.  Remember boxes covered with macaroni pieces!  Terrible.  But our parents used to treasure them.  And pencil cans for Dad.  Calendars for next year with hand made pictures.  What did you used to make for presents? 
I love hand made things.  Just means more to me that someone put time into things.  Creativity is important.  Not just in electronic stuff.... If the power goes out, will you have enough quilts to stay warm?  I will!

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