Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ok, 2 shots of the one I have been putting together!  The top is basically done, I just might add a little more to the sides.  I love this.  Crazy as it is.

Don't know if this is a better shot... but there it is . 

And now many more of the Houston quilt show.  I'll only be bout 1/2 way through my pictures.  Getting tired of them yet?  I'm not.  Great piecing on this one!

I don't know if I really need to comment on the pictures.  They are all so wonderful.  What I think is really interesting, I took over 350 pictures and only really remember a few.  There is an overload point at a big show where you just can't remember any more!

Bright colors are "in".

Even on the walls.

Triple Decker!

Great way to work color in for effect.

Close up.

This one was so great from across the room.

Now if you were going to design flowers, what would you make?

Great quilting on this one.

Very cool effects on this one.

Careful cutouts.

Another quilt, same artist as a previous quilt.

Just love curvy lines! 

What color are your sheep?

The dogs were great!

Another wonderful, flowing quilt.

And this has tiny villages in it....

Here's a close up. 

Lots and lots of celtic lines in here!  So technical! 
I was so excited when I got home.  So I have pieced my quilt together and can take it off the wall.  Then what?  I get to this point often.... what next.  So many ideas floating in my head, that it's hard for me to settle onto one idea.  So we'll see what comes out!  I got 2 small packets of fabrics, so I think I'll play with one of those and try to make something "modern".  Could be fun.  I also got a pattern of a flamingo and would love to make a wall hanging with several birds on it.  But all in different colors.  You know they are only pink because of what they eat?  What if they ate something else?  Mmmm?  Like blueberries?  Or chocolate?  This could be fun! 
I also ordered some patterns once I got home and I'm having trouble with the order going through.  Seems the credit card went through, but not the actual order.... I only like the puter when things go right.  And they aren't right now.  Rats....
Quilt guild meeting on monday night in Oak Ridge!  Going to show a couple of things and tell them about the show! 
Play with fabrics and have fun with friends! 

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