Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Modern quilts are the newest catagory!  Here's some examples of those.  Love them!  Some only have solid colors, others do include prints.

there is alot of open or "negative" space for the quilting.  Most are machine quilted.  Seems no one has the time or inclination to hand quilt.  Loosing it as an art form. 

The quilting in this was really interesting!

Then there was a tent...and these next couple of quilts were on the inside, so the lighting made them orange.

Nice designs.

Nearer the light the colors were better.

On the modern side of design.

Some times simple is very good!

I have been posting quilts for a few days, and only in around #130's.... took over 350!

this was all denium waist bands at one side!  Very cute idea!

Great exhibits!

This one was stunning!

A real art showing this year.

I love working with black and white...

This was a very big quilt with a very big cat!

See this cat chasing the bird!

Great bird!!!
I am really working to get a few things done.  It does take a long time to hand quilt, so I feel like I'm stuck running in place.  the Double Wedding Ring quilt in the frame is coming along.  I have gone all the way down the middle and out to one side.  So more than a 3rd done.... It's huge.  Had to get a king batting to work on it. 
Also basted a smaller quilt that has skateboarders on the fabrics.  Very colorful!  Got to get quilting on that one too.  Pulled out one that has my castle appliqued on it and was stitching on the tulle that is the window panes.  I work until my eyes and hands just won't let me do anymore. 
Tomorrow, I plan on getting the wonky logs together.  Almost there!  Then a picture.  Did I tell you I did make another bag before I went to Houston?  I think I did it to keep me busy instead of worrying about traveling!  Some people eat, I sew. 
I also plan on taking cupcakes over to a friend's house.  Birthday time and he's not doing well.  Not sure how old he is, but about 15 years older than me, and he's driving his wife crazy.  So cupcakes should help.... or at least they will help her!  (And no, I didn't make them.  I keep Kroger in business.) 
Friends are the best things in life!  Just add chocolate and you got the best mix!

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