Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I saw these on facebook and learned how to copy and paste!!!  Isn't this wonderful!  Go see handmade in Italy on facebook.  I love their ideas!!!

Here'a another.  Looks like the beard is batting!

Someone else did a wonderful quilt with these wild flowers!

And there's my future!  With members of Thursday bee under that tables.

Great wallhanging.  It is a pattern, not mine.

And waves!  I love water.  See what you can find on facebook!!!

And I am a member of this!  Now you should be able to click on it, but I'm not sure I have it on my blog correctly.  I have gotten it this far!
So what are you making now?  Stuff for Christmas presents?  I realized yesterday, that Thanksgiving is this coming week!  Whoooooa.  What has happened to time?  I usually have all the presents ready to be shipped by now and I'm just getting started.  It's been a strange year for sure and I'm off kilter.  I am finishing up that bag and quilting on 2 for customers.  Got another one in a box this week and will open it this weekend.  Terry goes back to work on monday.  Just not sure what my schedule will ever be!
Sunny day outside and I was trying to get the outside of the house winterized.  Undid the taps and found that one was on.... So who knows how long it's been on through the hose.  Fortunately, there was a nozzle on the end that was shut.... But you wonder why it was on.  So I can't find enough of the covers for the outside taps.  Need to make a run to Walmart or home depot.  I don't mind doing these things.  Feels good to "tuck the house in" for the winter.  Still need another warm day to fill in the cracks in the driveway.  Never ends.  Like quilting. 
No bee this week.  There's a big day of eating coming up.  A good friend has invited me over to be with her family!  That'll be fun!!!  The rest of the week is the dentist, and quilting. 
Plan to be surprised!  Stay calm and enjoy the ride.

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  1. And there is not only your future but also mine - isn't that lovely these quilting friends - I sent it to a friend today for her birthday stating that I am celebrating metally with her.... Oh it is so so funny. The author would probably not mind that I copied it, I would like to mention her or his name but there isn't any.