Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I don't know if you know much about Chihuly glass, but these were in the Hotel in Houston, where I got to stay!  I love his art work!  There were a few big pieces on the ceilings.  So hanging out in the lobby was great!
The Houston quilt show is sooooooooo big!  It was nice to stay in the hotel attached to the convention center.  Ate there, and sat in the bar in the evenings and just talked with quilters.  The first night there was a Justin Biefer concert going there were little girls in sparkly outfits.  Then the quilting ladies in their outfits, and some big event in a ballroom, so men in tuxedos and women in gowns.  What a sight! 

Here's another Chihuly piece!  So long I couldn't get it all in the picture!

YOU ARE HERE!!!!  The convention center is 9 football fields long!  1100 vendors.  26 exhibits, with anywheres from 10 quilts to 300 in each exhibit!  3 days and we barely covered it! 

First lecture was this.  I thought she was going to talk about how to quilt the quilt...but she sits down with her finished quilts and a journal and writes about what she sees in her own quilts.  You make a quilt from within you what comes out?  Very interesting.  She puts fences in with open gates where there aren't any fences.  So is she protecting her gardens, but will let people in?  Fun to think about that.  You don't have to anaylise things, but it is fun sometimes to figure out how you came up with a design.  Then you can do more.

And there she is.  All the lectures were interesting.  Made a nice break to sit for an hour and rest.  We did several lectures.  You paid $8 at the door. 

Here's Tone's quilt! (Lower right.)  She was in the ten finalists.

Here are the first, second and third place winners.  You had to have the crystals on them.  Seemed like some just rolled theirs in the pile of crystals! 

Look at the one on the left.....

And here's the back!  Just as many crystals.  Colored threads really showed up on the back!  But more wasn't better. 

This lecture was "Get out of your own way."  4 people who have done very well and actually make a living in the quilting world.  What they did and positive ways to keep going.  Very, very interesting!!!!    Paula Nadelstern, Jo Packham, Liz Kettle, Kaffe Fassett, and the moderator, Leslie Riley.

Then I'll show some pictures of the quilt show from a distance.  I took over 350 pictures, so I'm not going to be able to post them all!!!  These were in the Modern quilt exhibit.

Black and white with a twist exhibit.

I did love the Modern quilts....

This is looking down through the exhibits.  Each was in a kind of section.... Soooooo much to see!

Another exhibit.  My show booklet is in a box that is being shipped back.  Not that I got alot, but the extra weight in the one carry-on bag would have killed me going through the airports.  So UPS had an office in the building , and off the stuff went!

Another lecture about her garments that she makes... I have to look up her name later.  She didn't do as much piecing as I do.  She has a long arm quilt machine.  So she draws onto a large piece of fabric, where the pattern will be cut out.  Then she quilts and stitches a design to trapunto.  Cheap muslin behind the fabric... she stuffs and beads the pieces, then places the pattern piece over it again to cut it out.  So if it shrinks while doing all that quilting, the piece will be cut out the correct size!  Smart!!!

Here's a good shot of one she did.  Lots of beading inside the flowers.  All that stippling around the flowers!  And she loved bright, I mean BRIGHT linings.  She can wear alot.  Several pieces have shrunk in the closet (!), so she can't wear them all.  She did pass them all around so we could see the finishing.  That was a great lecture. 
Candace went to one that was a "sampler" class.  25 teachers were demonstrating, and you got a hand out booklet with a page from each person.  So you could go from table to table and see what and how they did things.    I didn't sign up ahead of time, so I couldn't get into some things.  That was ok.  I went and looked at quilts more, and wandered through the vendors.
On Wednesday, she had a luncheon from noon to 2.  The show wasn't open that day until 5pm, so I went back to the hotel and treated myself to a massage!  OMG!  That was the best thing to get!  My shoulders were killing me from schlepping suitcases through the airports.  So when I was done, and put on the warmed up slippers....I was in heaven.  Sauna, and a hot shower, and bring on the quilts!  We had a glass of wine after seeing the quilts that night, and the next 2 days was bliss!  If you can get to the Houston show....GO!  DO NOT HESSITATE!  Just go.  (And you can ship things home....)
I now have to go get food back into the house.  Then I have to fool with receipts, but then I'm going to draw out designs, ideas, and pull out fabrics.  If I start the idea(s), then I won't forget them....
The lecture with the 4 people was so encouraging. Take Action!  Get in there and do something positive towards an outcome.  Small things will add up!  Say yes! 
Remember the spaggetti on the wall?  Where you throw it to see if it sticks to the wall, to know if it's done?  You have to throw it more than keep throwing your ideas until something sticks!!!
By pass the brain and Take action! 
Sounds good to me. 
Oh, yea, and have fun!

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