Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here's my lastest project all finished!  Another bag!  It has a very deep flat pocket with a dragon on it.  (this side is 12" x 14")

Pocket for a bottle on one side....

big puffy pocket with a flap for goodies, and

another bottle pocket on the opposite side.  The bottom is 8" across and 6" at the top for extra room to shove things in on a trip.  With 4 pockets, (2 on each big side) on the inside of the bag.

Thick handle for over the shoulder for schlepping it along in the airports or on any trip.  I think I have finally made the bag for travel!  I didn't use any interfacing or batting, so it is droopy, but it took out any extra weight.  I love the black and white prints, and then add the bright colors.  Dragons keep your things safe, and the wizzards will keep the dragons in line.  Balance.
I really want to make a vest to go along with this!  Found several of my patterns.  For some reason, I just don't have much energy today.  We went for a drive and met up with friends at Panera's for a bagel.  Home and had soup for lunch, then a nap!  Not like me.  But sometimes you just need a slower day.  My sewing room is very cold.  The sun is shining into the other parts of the house so the heat is not kicking on.  That's ok, but it's hard to sit and be cold and try to sew. 
So I think I'll at least cut out the muslin foundation for the vest and pile the fabrics to play with on one end of the table.  Then I need to sit and sew.  Terry and I are going out to dinner tonight.  He leaves to go back to work tomorrow.  5 days went by fast.  He isn't sure how long he'll be gone.  I have been invited to dinner on Thanksgiving to a quilting buddies house!  Her hubby is cooking!  Too great! 
Got a box with 2 more projects in for a good customer.  They keep piling up!  Don't you love it!  I also have to get things ready for 3 different guild meetings in December.  Each one wants food, and other things.  I think I have most of them ready, except for a 12" square block.  That guild is meeting on 12/12/12 at noon!  Too cool.  So we want to exchange 12" (12 1/2") blocks in Christmas colors.  Sounds great if I can come up with a clever idea....
Where are those little elves when you need them?  and then Christmas shopping...

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