Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Yea!!!  Pictures again!  And these are more of the Houston show from a month ago....time is flying by again.  So enjoy the eye candy!!!

I'm only in #276... so I have about 75 more photos to go through to show you.  These were in the silent auction.  I couldn't afford the prices that they went for!  These were excellent, and the lowest I saw was $150...and the bidding wasn't over.

Some quilts were almost better than the actual birds.

This was in a batting vendor's booth!  It's ALL batting that has been dyed!  Isn't this wonderful!!!!  Cotton batting that has been dyed, cut and shaped.

So many ideas.

This was in the auction ones.  I would have loved to have had this... but it was up to $350....

There is one by Linda Roy!

Just fun, pretty pieces.

There's a wonky piece!

Then another that is just so calm.

I don't even remember lots of these pictures now.  But that's why I take so many. 

This was outside in the park across the street from the convention center.  Candace and I found it when we went to the place to eat.

Great woodwork.

This was a very large art piece right by the street.

And here is a small section of the convention center.  It is actually 9 football fields long.  3 stories all have quilting activities going on the whole time, and the quilt market was the week before for shops, stores, magazines, and manufactors to come show and buy.
So if you get a chance to EVER go to the Houston show....just do it!
I am getting things done around here, little by little.  It's 8:30pm and Terry's drilling a hole through the basement wall to the outside wall to put in an electrical outlet.... it's pitch black out and he's putting holes in the wall.... and he thinks I'm nuts.
There will be plenty of pictures from now on!  Got hints from several people on how to do things differently or better.  As I stumble through learning about putors.... things will get better, or worse, but I have to keep trying.
Now put on your capes and tiaras, and have some fun! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well I just ordered more space online for my we'll see tomorrow if I can post more.  I thought about it.  It's $2.49 a month for  1 GB of space on google.... ok?  I used 1 GB in a year, so I think that's way more than enough.  It better kick in soon. 

At first I was miffed that Iwould have to pay any thing for a free service.  But nothing is "free" anymore.  And I go get a mocha frappe twice a week at $ I'll give up one of those a month to keep putting pictures on the blog.  I really do enjoy putting up stories about quilts and quilting. 

I have put together 2 cat wall hangings, another small wallhanging with 4 blocks of stack and wack.  And 4 more blocks waiting... been doing up estimates this morning (as well as laundry) for 5 quilts!!!  Not done yet with those.  Got a pair in yesterday.  Both are sort of done... Another to do from begining to end, one to piece, and another to design and completely make.  I love it!  When I have this much in to do, I end up fitting in my work into bits of time, and I do get much more accomplished.  So bring it on!

I think I have plenty of new bags now with the 3 I have made in the last month.  And a vest.... pictures are on face book for now.  I'll be taking pictures of stuff and put them up of all that's in progress... I feel like an elf right about now!

New saying I saw in a mail order magazine....
   " I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world!"   Yup that's me!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Woke up way too early this morning and figured out a few things.  One is that Iwant to keep blogging and putting up pictures.  So I will have to sit down later today, when the cobwebs have cleared, and figure out how to pay the blogging company and keep going.  I should be able to figure this out!!!  I may also have to put on ads to earn alittle extra money to cover expenses.  For this, I appoligize ahead of time.  Seems the world is NOT free.  But hidden costs are even on the computer air waves.

I have been blogging for almost a year now and enjoy it.  I have several people who check on a regular basis from around the world.  That's fun to see where the "hits" are coming in from.  Quilters and artists are very visual people, so a blog without pictures is not good. 

Yesterday, I sewed like a fiend.  Pieced things that I have wanted to play around with, that have been sitting on the end of the table for a while.  Again, this morning, I realized that some stuff has been sitting there for over a year...and it's either, sew it up, or move it out!  I have some flannel slippers I cut out too long ago...and a tank top and skirt!  Dragon designs that have been waiting... ok, I got a customers piece done and it's in a box ready to go.  Another called yesterday and I have picked out colors...need to have them "ok-ed" then I can get cutting on that! 

I tried the easy stack and wack yesterday and got a small wallhanging together.  4 more blocks pieced and will do another...then started to cut out 2 cat wallhangings from a pattern by Frieda Anderson.  The iron maidens do everything with the iron on stuff.... but I'm piecing the background and will iron on the cat and plant.  I plan on hand quilting it and it's not as easy to hand quilt through the wonderunder stuff. 

I think I have all the stuff ready for the 3 guilds' Christmas parties.... each one has different things involved.  Food in everyone, then block exchanges, UFO trades, presents... etc.  So I have 3 piles going.  So I'm up about 2 1/2 hours early and really can't sleep.  If I stay in bed, then my back will hurt later from just rolling around.  So why not get upand sew and take a nap later...?  Sounds like a plan to me! 

So keep sewing as much as you can.  We don't own quilts, we are merely the next care takers of each one.  They will out last us.  I'm leaving behind as many as I can! 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interesting.... I  have deleted earlier posts and they still won't let me put up more pictures... so I either have to buy space at a monthly charge or Mmmm?  Find somewhere else to post!  I will be posting on my face book page for the pictures.  Just didn't know I was going to run into this...  How big is one GB.  ? 

I have finished a vest!  It has dragons on it!  What fun!  So that's what I'll wear to the guilds' Christmas parties.  Each guild has differnent things that they do, but they all want food there!  So brownies galore will be made!  Some this chocolate chips, and some with the chocolate cream cheese on the top!  Yummmmm.   Patty

Friday, November 23, 2012

Well, this is interesting.... I can't seem to upload photos!  Something about I haven't got anymore room in the server?  What?  What is the opposite of a computer nerd?  Cause that is me.  And I don't understand what is full or what to do about it.  But when they tell me it's free to have a blog, and now it's not....Mmmm?  Someone is pulling a fast one on me or what?  Yea....Happy Thanksgiving to them too.... (sarcassium intended...)

Anyways, I had a wonderful dinner with Dianne and friends, and Mike did go with me.  Great turkey by Dianne's hubby!!  The man can cook!

I started a vest with dragons on it.  Finished the other bag.  It's not quite as big as the travel one, but bigger than my usual purses.  Nice compromise.  The vest will be worked on today. 

Now I will TRY to figure out what is going on with the blog and pictures.  Because I love seeing things on blogs.  I'm a visual person.  Don't pay much attention to written directions.... so this is going to bug me.  I can go to face book and put them there.... so go check that out!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ok, so what are you looking at?  Someone knocked down the stop sign at the street corner across from my house.  Funny thing one would stop before this was down.  Now everyone is stopping to look at it!  Should have been knocked down long ago!!!  Wonder how long it will be before the city comes and puts it back up!  Stay tuned!

Next bag sections as the pockets go on first.  Have to sew the velcro in place before the sections get sewn together.  It's easier that way.  The white is the lining.  Found that if you have a very light color inside, you sure can find things easier and quicker!  Love double pockets too... Behind the dragon pocket is another smaller one for the cell phone.

Here's one of the outside panels.  Just need to make a vest to go with the dragon purse!

Handle section that will face out.

Several layers of batting for the inside of the handle.  I'll machine quilt that all in place before I assemble it.  Makes it much easier to turn inside out!  You figure this stuff out eventually!

The Double Wedding Ring quilt is out to the first corner!  So it's more than half done quilting.  Just love it.

This is the garden before it was weeded.This is after, and it's been mulched.

And another shot of it finished.  I had a before picture of this side...but it's dissappeared.  I still need more practice with this computer.

And at one of the guild's Christmas parties, we are going to exchange UFO's.... I don't like to think of them as unfinished.  Just "in progress" and back in the line.  But I got this panel a long time ago to quilt up and give to the Ronald MacDonald house.  They give every family who has a kid in the hospital, a quilt to keep.  I just never got to this one.  So it should go to someone who can finish it and enjoy it.  I used to make 4 to 7 quilts a year for that.  But time seems to slip away too quickly every year now.  I only get 1 or 2 done.  I do quilt them by hand. 
I used to have all my Christmas shopping done by this time every year also.  But this year, I'm stumped.  Not only have I not gotten done, but barely started, and NO idea what to get some people in the family.  So next week, I'll have to get to it!  Not the day after Thanksgiving.  For heavens sake!  Let the turkey settle a little bit!  As a kid, we used to make things for presents in school.  Remember boxes covered with macaroni pieces!  Terrible.  But our parents used to treasure them.  And pencil cans for Dad.  Calendars for next year with hand made pictures.  What did you used to make for presents? 
I love hand made things.  Just means more to me that someone put time into things.  Creativity is important.  Not just in electronic stuff.... If the power goes out, will you have enough quilts to stay warm?  I will!

Monday, November 19, 2012

No pictures today....I have started, yet, another bag and vest.  Love the dragon fabrics with the bright colors and the black/white fabrics.  Just can't help myself.  So there is a pile of fabric on the table, scraps all over the floor, thread everywhere.  And I love it!  What else is great on a holiday?

My friend, Brenda, had invited me over for turkey...but her Mom got very sick and has been in and out of the hospital.  So it's understandable that she is going up there to see her.  Another good friend has invited me over to eat!  Dianne's hubby does the cooking for the feast!  So I guess I won't have to be in the kitchen.  I will get to see Dianne's sewing area.  Not everyone has a big room like I do. 

That's what I'm thankful for.  My sewing room, fabrics, friends, and time to enjoy them all.  So please, remember to enjoy everything.  Little things especially.  If you can't enjoy the little things, you will never know how to enjoy the big things.  Find time to do what you love, and love what you do. 

Enough sappy stuff.  Now get in there and sew!  Patty

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here's my lastest project all finished!  Another bag!  It has a very deep flat pocket with a dragon on it.  (this side is 12" x 14")

Pocket for a bottle on one side....

big puffy pocket with a flap for goodies, and

another bottle pocket on the opposite side.  The bottom is 8" across and 6" at the top for extra room to shove things in on a trip.  With 4 pockets, (2 on each big side) on the inside of the bag.

Thick handle for over the shoulder for schlepping it along in the airports or on any trip.  I think I have finally made the bag for travel!  I didn't use any interfacing or batting, so it is droopy, but it took out any extra weight.  I love the black and white prints, and then add the bright colors.  Dragons keep your things safe, and the wizzards will keep the dragons in line.  Balance.
I really want to make a vest to go along with this!  Found several of my patterns.  For some reason, I just don't have much energy today.  We went for a drive and met up with friends at Panera's for a bagel.  Home and had soup for lunch, then a nap!  Not like me.  But sometimes you just need a slower day.  My sewing room is very cold.  The sun is shining into the other parts of the house so the heat is not kicking on.  That's ok, but it's hard to sit and be cold and try to sew. 
So I think I'll at least cut out the muslin foundation for the vest and pile the fabrics to play with on one end of the table.  Then I need to sit and sew.  Terry and I are going out to dinner tonight.  He leaves to go back to work tomorrow.  5 days went by fast.  He isn't sure how long he'll be gone.  I have been invited to dinner on Thanksgiving to a quilting buddies house!  Her hubby is cooking!  Too great! 
Got a box with 2 more projects in for a good customer.  They keep piling up!  Don't you love it!  I also have to get things ready for 3 different guild meetings in December.  Each one wants food, and other things.  I think I have most of them ready, except for a 12" square block.  That guild is meeting on 12/12/12 at noon!  Too cool.  So we want to exchange 12" (12 1/2") blocks in Christmas colors.  Sounds great if I can come up with a clever idea....
Where are those little elves when you need them?  and then Christmas shopping...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I saw these on facebook and learned how to copy and paste!!!  Isn't this wonderful!  Go see handmade in Italy on facebook.  I love their ideas!!!

Here'a another.  Looks like the beard is batting!

Someone else did a wonderful quilt with these wild flowers!

And there's my future!  With members of Thursday bee under that tables.

Great wallhanging.  It is a pattern, not mine.

And waves!  I love water.  See what you can find on facebook!!!

And I am a member of this!  Now you should be able to click on it, but I'm not sure I have it on my blog correctly.  I have gotten it this far!
So what are you making now?  Stuff for Christmas presents?  I realized yesterday, that Thanksgiving is this coming week!  Whoooooa.  What has happened to time?  I usually have all the presents ready to be shipped by now and I'm just getting started.  It's been a strange year for sure and I'm off kilter.  I am finishing up that bag and quilting on 2 for customers.  Got another one in a box this week and will open it this weekend.  Terry goes back to work on monday.  Just not sure what my schedule will ever be!
Sunny day outside and I was trying to get the outside of the house winterized.  Undid the taps and found that one was on.... So who knows how long it's been on through the hose.  Fortunately, there was a nozzle on the end that was shut.... But you wonder why it was on.  So I can't find enough of the covers for the outside taps.  Need to make a run to Walmart or home depot.  I don't mind doing these things.  Feels good to "tuck the house in" for the winter.  Still need another warm day to fill in the cracks in the driveway.  Never ends.  Like quilting. 
No bee this week.  There's a big day of eating coming up.  A good friend has invited me over to be with her family!  That'll be fun!!!  The rest of the week is the dentist, and quilting. 
Plan to be surprised!  Stay calm and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ok, I have hit the buttons differently and found pictures that I'm not sure I have posted!  I was trying to get more shots from the quilt show up... but here are a few that I have worked on!  This one was in a contest from Spain.  I bought a hand painted silk panel and had to reconstruct it.  Shipping it back and forth was the hardest part!  But with a huge help from my friend Joni, it got there and back.  It also got a third place in our local show.
This was a commission work.  It was gorgeous!  Loved working on it.
This is one cabinet of fabric in my sewing room.  There are double stacks on each shelf... one behind the front. 
This was a small wallhanging done in the Hawaiian style.
This is a panel that I added the Japaness fabrics to the sides and hand quilted.  (Old quilt room before the remodel!) 
So I'm trying to learn to do more on the computor...and I will be making more mistakes.  But if I don't try...... then I won't get any better.    So keep your fingers crossed that I don't loose all this information.
I started another bag and it's coming along nicely.  Had to get more velcro.  That has gone up in price since I got it last time!  Supplies are expensive.  I remember a good friend of mine, and this was about 20 years ago, she asked "what will we do when fabric gets up to $8 a yard?!"  Well, we can cut up and use what we have!  And it's over that price now!  When I travel I do go into many shops.  I probably buy more fabric when I'm on vacations.  The prices really do vary drastically.  The best and most "reasonable" prices are in Maine!  Nice shop.... have to ask my sister the name of that one again.  She and I go up there every time I go visit.  The last time I went (last June), the prices were $3.99 to 4.99....happy dance!
When I go to England to visit my in laws, the prices over there are sooooo much higher.  Used to be $25 a yard.  So forget buying over there.  Now you know why their clothes are so expensive also.  When they used to come visit, they would go crazy buying clothes and fabrics.  Always needed the extra suitcase for going back.!
So cut up the fabrics and enjoy them.  Doreen Speckman used to say, "Use more than one fabric for the background.  Use 25, you know you have them!  Then if you run out of one, you can add another and make it 26....but if you only use one, then you are really stuck if you run out!"  Ain't that the truth!  I also feel fine about taking alittle from each piece and then you have lots left of each one.  I now have a tendancy to pull out the coordinating fabrics and make several quilts of that color grouping at one time.  Why not!
You can also work in a series.  Take the idea and try alittle something different 2 or 3 or 4 times.  That is fun. 
Well, it's time to rest my eyes and get ready for Project Runway.  Love to see what they come up with.  Don't like the bickering.  Silly Rabbit... Just make the clothes and get along.  I need to make a new vest or two to go with these bags I have been working on!!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some quilts should get more recognition than what they got here at the show.  They are up against other great quilts, so it gets overwhelming.  My pictures don't do them justice either.  The creativity at this show was super.

It looks like you could set into the water and climb on the rocks.!

I love this one.  Just flows, both colors and design.

This looked like a painting from a distance. 

This was incredible!!  The picture only shows straight lines.  There was so much going on in it...

This is painted and thread painted.  So spacial.  Could put it on a wall and stare at it for a very long time.

And a Linda Roy quilt!!!  Her workmanship is above and beyond quilting!  She has won the top award several times, so for her's Not to get that, you know what else was there.  I adore her work.
I just have fun with mine.  So I rarely will win anything.  But I like to put mine in a show or two so people can see I'm still around. 
Thanks to everyone around the world who stops by and looks at quilts!  I am amazed at places that view my blog!  It really brings the world closer to my home.  Now I'm off to sew up some bags.  Just had fun making that one before the Houston show.  I have pulled out dragon and wizzard fabric.  So it'll be a "magic bag".  Got to have fun!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ok, 2 shots of the one I have been putting together!  The top is basically done, I just might add a little more to the sides.  I love this.  Crazy as it is.

Don't know if this is a better shot... but there it is . 

And now many more of the Houston quilt show.  I'll only be bout 1/2 way through my pictures.  Getting tired of them yet?  I'm not.  Great piecing on this one!

I don't know if I really need to comment on the pictures.  They are all so wonderful.  What I think is really interesting, I took over 350 pictures and only really remember a few.  There is an overload point at a big show where you just can't remember any more!

Bright colors are "in".

Even on the walls.

Triple Decker!

Great way to work color in for effect.

Close up.

This one was so great from across the room.

Now if you were going to design flowers, what would you make?

Great quilting on this one.

Very cool effects on this one.

Careful cutouts.

Another quilt, same artist as a previous quilt.

Just love curvy lines! 

What color are your sheep?

The dogs were great!

Another wonderful, flowing quilt.

And this has tiny villages in it....

Here's a close up. 

Lots and lots of celtic lines in here!  So technical! 
I was so excited when I got home.  So I have pieced my quilt together and can take it off the wall.  Then what?  I get to this point often.... what next.  So many ideas floating in my head, that it's hard for me to settle onto one idea.  So we'll see what comes out!  I got 2 small packets of fabrics, so I think I'll play with one of those and try to make something "modern".  Could be fun.  I also got a pattern of a flamingo and would love to make a wall hanging with several birds on it.  But all in different colors.  You know they are only pink because of what they eat?  What if they ate something else?  Mmmm?  Like blueberries?  Or chocolate?  This could be fun! 
I also ordered some patterns once I got home and I'm having trouble with the order going through.  Seems the credit card went through, but not the actual order.... I only like the puter when things go right.  And they aren't right now.  Rats....
Quilt guild meeting on monday night in Oak Ridge!  Going to show a couple of things and tell them about the show! 
Play with fabrics and have fun with friends!