Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Yippeeeee!  This one is done.  It's the one that all the blocks were hacked out of the shirts.  Looks good to me!  The odd shaped red block is from the Dali museum....fitting!

This one is almost done.  It's the blocks that my sister and I cut out of her hubby's shirts over 2 years ago.  They have been waiting, stuck somewhere for this week!  Don't you love it!  Quilts don't spoil.  If you walked away from some food that you are cooking, you know it would be crap in 2 years.  I just have to make the last 2 blocks fit into the space at the bottom.  No biggy!  Will do in a minute.  Just needed a break.
One customer came by today and picked up the quilt that I had hand quilted.  Someone in the family had made it.  There was mostly fabrics from the 30's in it, with some pink from the 40's and one fabric from the 50's.  I didn't know this.  Another friend of mine who studies fabrics told me this.  So the quilt is done and back with the owner!  He brought over 2 other family quilts to show me.  Love that!  One Dresden Plate and the other was a variation of a sunburst.  Both with cotton batting and quilted every 1/2 ".  They were wonderful. 
I have plenty more to go, so I'm not going to carry on about too much today.  It is cold and rainy this morning.  Got to work outside tomorrow if it gets warmer.  I seal the cracks in the driveway so the freezing water doesn't distroy it.  I'm into maintance around there.  Prevent the problems instead of trying to solve them. 
Some words hide others. 

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