Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The "Florida quilt" is almost done!  That'll be sent off very soon.  Love the soft colors of this one.  I quilted in seashells, footprints, dragonflies, and lizzards!  Just fun.

this is my monochromatic challenge piece!  It's due next week.  I haven't shown it yet because so many people are actually going to do this challenge!  So I piece the background and that just didn't look like enough.  Then I got out the cotton rope that you use to cover and make those baskets and bowls....and I covered that and wound a design.  I had to make sure there was a contrast color on the rope where is was on top of the quilt.  Still, it needed something else.  I had those garden gloves in those colors that I had wanted to put on something!  And Voila!  So they are doing the cat's craddle....remember doing that with string?  Put alittle more rope in the corners for design fun.  Added alittle bit with french knots and flowers.  I like it.  Maybe others will too.

This one is Dianne Rhae's.  She has 4 animals hidden in it.  She had a different color green than I did.  So these challenge pieces are going to be interesting!

This is the table runner that I designed for the Christmas party at the Ritzy Thimbles guild meeting in December.  I figure that who ever gets it could make placemats that look like spools to match...
I love to make up my own things and designs!  Then no one can tell you that you made a mistake!  You made a creative design.  Do you own things!!!  It's way more fun. 

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