Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ritzy Thimbles meeting was last night!  Great quilts!  This is tessilations.  They were computer generated and printed on to fabrics.  WONDERFUL!!! 

Lovely circles!  The colors were soothing.

Picture is fuzzy.  I was moving around to get a better shot and the "holder-upers" were moving.  Love this one with circles too.

The speaker was Susan Jones.  She had taken Tone's class on curved piecing.  Then she got Tone to teach it at the quilt camp in W.Virginia.

This was striking with the black in there.

Neat interlocking designs.

A triple 4-patch design....

Well this one came on the post again.... didn't mean to do that.  I guess I really loved it!
I'm always amazed at quilts!  People are really coming up with their own designs and variations.  It's great.  Don't stop trying things.  Sure some will look like crap, but if it leads you to the next thing that turns out well, then it's worth the crap you have to muck through to get there!
I'll be heading out tomorrow to Duluth, GA to the quilting expo!  Got a great friend down there, who lives 5 minutes from that convention center.  So we are going to spend one day there, and the next day hitting shops in the area!  Too much fun.  Will come home with inspirations and probably more fabric.  Not that I "need" any, but it's all so delicious! 
This winter, I will hibernate and make more tops.  Have several from last winter that need quilting.  The sheep one, and the blue and white one with all the squares.  So I will never, ever be out of things to do!  In Hawaii, they wrap the quilts around the maker when she dies and they bury it with her.  They feel that part of her soul is in the quilt(s).  If that's true, they will need a backhoe for my grave!  I want to take it all with me!  All the fabrics, batting, quilts, and the sewing machine on a very long extention cord.  I'm not going to quit just because I'm dead.  They can dig it up years later and find new quilts!
(Too much?)  Nay.....

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