Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ok, this is a President's block!  She'll get it at the next meeting.  She picked the printed fabric and said to do anything.  So I tried to use the whole piece of fabric with other colors.  Hope she likes it.  So many of my blocks end up on the back as the label......?

This was one of the t shirt quilts that I did this month. 

Another President's block.  She picked the style and wanted black in the center part with jewel tones around it. 

My sister's t shirt quilt is done.  Will get the Christmas presents wrapped and all in the same box.  She said she'll tie the quilt top.  Has a backing sewn on already.

This was the group shot of the Porsche Master driving school!  Finally got that in the mail.

Ah, the track weekend.  Things have sure flown past!

Ok, there's the high school yearbook picture.  Someone wrote all over my face....

And I was a hall monitor, standing there lower right in the picture.  Hair is short and blonde now!

Our front door!  I want to make a quilt with this design and do lots of fancy quilting on it.

This one I quilted over 2 years ago.  Found a picture and thought you'd like to see some of these.

I also made up a bunch of spools a while ago.  They are so much fun to make! 

You put in some sayings.  So collect those sayings for this fun thing!

Love the one about the mother! 
I am always making things!  Doesn't matter if they will ever serve a purpose in the world.  I have fun.  When I would go to my Mom and say I was bored.... she would say, "Let's make something."  And she would pull out egg cartons, empty cans, wall paper sample books, markers, string, and other such things.  So I have always been making things. 
When I had told her that I wanted to go to art college, she said, "Oh, you don't want to be a starving artist."  I'm finding out much later, that she didn't want me to marry a starving artist!  I was supposed to go to college to find a college man to marry..... is that the '50's way of thinking or what!   So here I am doing art work anyways! 
So do what you want no matter what people tell you to do.  Be creative!

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