Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

More of Tellico's quilt show.  Just for seeing, do not copy... but ideas may come from looking!  I love this batik one.  The picture was true in the colors.

Fun with a panel!  this would be great for a little boy!

Another beautiful piece.  You need to go see quilting in person to really see the details.

This is a pattern/paperpieced.  I'm no good at those.  Too fussy for me.  I like to have wild and free designs!  This was so striking.

This minature was great.  Lots of detail in the construction.

Paper pieced origami.

Close up.  Lots of work!

And this was real origami work.  Love the flowers in this.

The hats were adorable. 

And a mini paperpiecing quilt.  Wonder what her eyesight is like?

Modern and bright!  It was great.

(Picture is alittle fuzzy...) The quilt was stunning.
Ok, I love going to shows!  Next week it is the quilting expo in Duluth, GA.  Can't wait!  Today, I'm supposed to weed or vacuum or both... bleck.  But if I don't do it this week, then when Terry gets home, we won't be able to mulch... the gardens, not the carpet. 
Ok, time to quilt for a couple of hours!  It's overcast outside and I'm not awake. 

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