Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

More of the quilt show....remember, do not use these pictures except to enjoy seeing them.  DO NOT COPY.  Ok? 

She had a full exhibit up of her work.  Great stuff.  She hand dyes all the fabrics...I believe her name is Lynne Harrill.  Hard to telll from the book.  She's from Greenville, SC.  I have seen her work in several places, including the GREAT arts and craft show in Asheville.  You have to get juried into that.  She's GOOD!

Blue ribbon winner.  The quilting (machine) was wonderful. 

Very interesting quilts with some stencilling or painting on them.

I love bright colors and this show had plenty of that.  When the Civil War colors were popular, every thing looked dirty to me.

9 Patches looked great!

This quilt was so beautiful!

Close up shows more of the quilting....

Junior catagory!  Some kid designed this!  I think it's great!  Already thinking outside the box....

Ok, this shows you without a flash...

And this was with... not sure I like the way the colors changed.  But you can try this anywhere.  Take the same picture twice...once with the flash and once without the flash.  Always interesting to see what the camera will pick up on. 
I also used to take a picture of a paper with my name and address, phone number, and use colored markers to add colored squares at the bottom of the page.  Why?  When you had to send film in to be developed, ever have any get lost?  I did.  If you have your name and all that information actually on the film, it finds it way back to you alot quicker.  The colored squares (usually in primary colors) was to help the idiot developing them to get the colors correct!  How many times did I get back pictures with obscure colors in them!  Send it back in with the page with the marked squares and they could balance them better in the pictures. 
Anyways, by having the picture of your information IN the camera, if it ever gets lost of misplaced, you know someone will look at the pictures, and viola!  There's the information to send your camera home!

Great variety of quilts

This was just too cute!

Someone or the guild got into the paper piecing of long points.  There were lots of quilts with that in them.  Could have been a class....?

Great space to have the show!

Loved this one.  Nice balance!

Picture was fuzzy...tried to get it quickly before someone stepped in front of it.  I liked the overlay with beading.


Math class!  Too cute. 

When I went back and looked at this one, it looks like a dragon on it's back and the flying geese are it's tail...what do you think?

I think this was called "Different Points of View"  or something like that.  It was very interesting.  Different panels over lapped each other.  I like it!  Didn't see how she got the top to stay upright.  Need to slow down at the shows.....

This was really well done!  Must have taken Ruth MacDowell's class on piecing.  The face was all pieced!!!

Dragon on the front...

...and on the back!  Clever!

The top layer is the part with all the circular blobs, and there is a second layer. 

More of that woman's stripped pieced quilts.  I do love her work.  She does teach classes!
See!  It's a great show to go to.  End of September every year!  I go to it every year.  I don't always get a quilt in there, but it's worth the drive up there. 
I was going to breakfast with a friend today, but she called last night and doesn't feel good.  Ok, hope she feels better really soon.  So I was going to weed the gardens more this morning, but it's raining.... YEA!!!  Breaks my heart (right...)  So some cleaning and then I'm in the sewing room!  Got to love this.  I must have an angel up there helping me out!  I'll go for a coffee at Books A Million later.  That'll keep me going for the rest of the day. 
A few stitches every day will get that project done. 
Do what you love, and love what you do.
Have too much fun!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures.I realise I didn't see them all because I was going to have a nice dinner with nice people.