Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, October 22, 2012

More of the quilt show at the expo down in Duluth, GA.... these were the house blocks for the Alliance up in Asheville, NC.  Members made these up and I think they will be auctioned off.

Love the colors and designs!

This was very detailed.  Hard to get a close up sometimes.

This was exceptional.


Stuffed applique.

Too cool!

This was great quilting.

Now for more of the competive show.  I have seen the overlapping guitars before.  This one was really good.

The lime green was great!  I probably wouldn't have done it, but seeing this, makes me rethink the green!

There's Leona's!

First and Second place winners.  (See a thing with circles there.)

These flowers were just fun!

And Best of surprise!

detailed shot...

Love these owls!!!

The Tomb of the Unknown Quilter!  Don't you love it!  Wouldn't it be fun to find something in Egypt like that!

This whole cloth quilt was machine quilted.  I was amazed....

The Chicken Tango is a pattern.  Just had to show you!

And the crow pattern.  Too cute!

Love this quilt.  Very well done. 
Just when I think I have seen all the designs...go to a show and be overwhelmed again.  To win a big show, you need the double "WOW" in your quilt.  What do I mean... you have to see the quilt from a distance and go wow.  Then be drawn in to look at it closer....then go wow again under your breath.  The best of show had a third "wow" factor as you studied the details and realized what the heck she had done!  Amazing.  So you have to see a quilt from far away as well as upclose.  Adding in that extra surprize will get the awards.  I add things in to make you smile, or laugh.  Not interested in the prizes or ribbons.  You keep the quilts later, and I want ones that I love.  Not just making these to win something.  What I found was, that the more fun I have with them, the better I did at any show.  Well, not all the time. 
So quilt what you love.  Try new things or techniques.  I got some new stuff at the show down there.  Spent time putting it all away... and prewashing fabrics.  Washed the car and did the finances into quicken... now I need chocolate and a break!

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