Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's eye candy time!  I mean the quilts!  And since these are from the Asheville show, you are not allowed to use or reproduce any of them.  There's the disclaimer... This was my blue circle one that I love.  Got good comments from the judge.  But no ribbon... I was in a really tough group.  I never know if I will get any thing.

Tone is with her quilt in the childrens' category.  She got a third place.  There were very few comments on her judging sheets.  We figured that her's must have been judged just before lunch or the end of the day when they were tired.  Yea Tone!

There's my Ice Dragon.  There were several dragons in this show!  So I'll show you more.... I will be posting pictures of the show for a couple of days.

In the auction quilts, this one is cool.  You have a couple of the same picture, and cut it differently on each one and resew it.  So it looks like it's out of focus or underwater.  Very cool effect.

Love the cats!!! 

More auction pieces that were all really good.

They had been voted on in the guild, and this was the first place winner.

The same woman made 2 to go into the auction.

This one caught my eye.  Lots of machine quilting in it.

Here's another beautiful dragon!!!  Very 3-d and gorgeous wings.

The setup in the show was very nice.  The quilts were all in the middle, vendors all around the outside of the room.  They had more things and were spaced out really nicely.  About 270 quilts inthe show.

Isn't this adorable?!  (Just say yes!)   Some great talent there....

Here's a wider angle of the show. 

This was so wonderful to look at.  You can just see down the tunnel.  Fused, and machine quilted.

Leoma's wonderful quilt!  Takes my breath away when I see it.

Now here's an example of when to use a flash to take pictures.... this one is WITH the flash.  Can you see quilting?  Not really.

Here is NO flash.  You can see all the quilting in the background.  I also think this shows the colors of the piece much better.
So use you camera's and try with and without a flash when you take a picture of a quilt.  The flash makes the relief of the quilting dissappear.  You want the shadows of the quilting in there.  Light needs to be natural, or come in from the side.  Not right from the camera. 
They had up signs about photography at the show.  For your own use, must have permission and all that.  So I talked with one man there.  He said that I should have the tags in view so you could see it is the show.  He wanted me to post about the show.  Said it was getting the word out about the show.  But with people using others original designs and barely changing them (at all), I can understand how you have to be careful about posting and getting permission.  One the other hand, once you have sent your quilt into a show, what do you think will happen?  People take pictures.  They are inspired to make something from your idea.  I feel sorry if they can't change things, but if you don't want your design to be used, then you probably should not show it.  Now if someone takes your design and starts to mass produce it or make money from it and not give you money or credit for it...then go after them. 
SO DONT USE THESE DESIGNS OR I'll come get you.... and you know I will.....
Guild meeting tonight.  So I'll go have dinner with the girls and see quilts! 
Life is good!!!

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