Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I just finished 2 hours of weeding and I hate it even more.  It's cold, cloudy and dusty out there.  The weeds are putting up a good fight and my hands hurt.  I want a flame thrower for Christmas.  I always wondered why some older women had plastic flowers in their gardens.  I get it now!

I did get the second t shirt quilt top together.  Not going to be quilted.  Just added a backing and turned it inside out.  Needs to be tied, but I'm too tired today!  Need a big iced tea or a beer.  Then M&M's  and a shower.  Waiting for a call at 2pm.  Not a biggy, but still.... once you set them up you should be there to take it.

Next week I'm going to Duluth for the quilt show down there.  Yea!  Love shows.  Tellico Village quilters has theirs this weekend.  So I want to go to that one too.  Then Houston's show.  This is why I have to get the weeding done now.  Terry will be home soon enough and we'll have to mulch the beds and put them to sleep for the winter.  Who made up all these rules? 

Quilting first!  Then eating. 


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