Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eye Candy!!!  Do not use these pictures for ANYTHING!  they are just to be seen and not copied.  GOT IT?  I loved this quilt.  The butterflies have feather stitching after them.  It's a wonderful detail that the quilting adds so much to the quilt.  Plus I love bright colors.

This picture is alittle fuzzy.  Sometimes I took a picture very quickly because people were closing in and I didn't want to get them in the shot.  So I didn't stand still long enough.  I also didn't use a flash, and that means you have to stand still... hard for me to do when I'm having a good time at a quilt show!

This is a wonderful dragon!!!  Use any words you want, but I was drooling at this!

Close up!  3-d work, beads, details!  It was great.

This was a fun bargello style!  Reminded me of Leggos!  Really well done.  Simple ideas are sometimes the best.

Lots of planning ahead in this one.  Striking to see from across the room.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It glowed.

Lots of quilts there that were paper pieced with the long skinny lines.  I was wondering if they had had a class on that or if patterns were all bought up by a group up there.  Look at Mona Lisa in the background!  That was all little squares...

This one was gorgeous!  Super well done.  Didn't get a ribbon....because of the group it was in.  Lots of times, it's who else is in the catagory. 

Look at the quilting nad the applique in the border of this one!!!!  Black thread on the pale yellow. 

She got a second place...

There was hand quilting there!  Yea!!!

This was "Dr. Suess's Bluegrass House!"  Too cute. 

This was striking from a distance and ....

...up close.  She did the "big stitch" on it with a really interesting design.  Very clever.

And these cats were too cute.  This is a close up of the blocks.  Look at the last blog entry to see the full piece.  Just wonderful...

This looked like a picture.  So you don't have to make a large piece to impress me!

THIS ONE!  Oh my God.  The woman's face is all 1/2" squares of pictures of women...!!!!!  WOW!!!!

Here's the closer picture to show you that!  Unreal. 
Ok, I'm impressed with the quality of the quilts that are always in that show.  It's worth the drive for me to go see those.  The vendors are great.  Did some Christmas shopping for a couple of things.  I have more than enough fabric for my life time...and that's the first time I have actually said that...  I always look at the stencils at School House Books vendor.  They are THE nicest people I have met and looked for at shows!  They always remember me and let me look through the stencils even if they didn't have room to put them out.  They have a HUGE selection of books and notions.  They usually are at the Pigeon Forge show.  So seek them out....
I'm planning on going to the show down in Duluth, GA in a couple of weeks and then the Houston show.  Need to go be overwhelmed by the designs of quilts.  People are not only "out of the box", but they have thrown the boxes out, or cut them up for templates!  I get so wound up and want to start a bunch more... but I have so many for customers that I have to work on those first. 
I usually plan out time in the week for me to work on my own stuff or I go nuts.  It is why the garden looks so bad.  I hven't gotten out there to pull weeds again since that one time I went out.  I only pulled out the weeds in front of the sewing room windows.  That was it doesn't bother me!  Looks fine to me everyday!
Terry has also booked us to go to another track this year!!!!!  YEA!  I do love the driving stuff.  He has fun working on the car and buying things for it.    I just love getting in it and going fast around the track.  My car needs to go into the shop.  When the vent changes from one set of vents to another, you can hear it change in the dash.... trouble is, it's trying to change all the time now!  It's like morse code going on in there.  Like a spastic mouse tapping out an SOS message.... I now realize that it's not my bad hearing and I need to get that stopped. 
I did start on that t shirt quilt top.  Want to get that pile out of the sewing room.  It's turning out better than I hoped!  Pictures will come another day....
Went to the musical last night, "Rock of Ages".  That was GREAT!  (Bring earplugs.)  They were sooo good up there.  I was impressed and entertained!  Like to thank my friend, Deb, for sharing her ticket with me.  Her hubby couldn't go and she thought of little ole me!  We went and had dinner at Market Square.  I haven't been down town in ages.  The place looks so much better than it used to!  There was a woman reading palms.  Never had that done before.  Was very good!  Either she really could read my hand, or she's a great guesser.  Hit things right on the head.... all from the past...
Well got to get the day going!  Will go to bee after missing it the last 2 weeks from car stuff.  When you go have some fun, things just don't bug you as much....have to figure how what's going on with the water pressure in the house.....?  Not quite right.  The water softener was not working right a while ago...could be stuck in a cycle again... ah, well, later.....

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