Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ever walk into a resturant and you just love it?  This one was so cool.  You felt like you were in the plaza with these buildings around you.  Good Mexican food in Trussville, AL. 

Then on the way home there was a rest stop with this play area for kids.  Very cool mosaic things for the kids to climb all over and burn off some energy.

Fish to sit on...

Turtles and a snake over on the side.

We had to get off the main road because of a very bad accident involving a truck with chickens in the back.  And there is a quilt design on the side of a building.  Lots of those going up.  What bothers me is, that someone will pay $500 to get an 8 x 8' painted sign made...but they wouldn't even consider paying that much for a fabric quilt!  I need to get into painting quilts!

And Presidents' blocks!  This is for the SMQ president....

And this is for the Ritzy Thimbles president.  They will make up nicely into quilts!
I went to bee yesterday after taking my car in for an annoyance...which it wouldn't do once I got to the shop.  Stupid car.  They do that so many times.  Bee was fun!  We are planning on doing a Bag Lady Round Robin.... should be fun.  More on that later.
Home and had to wash the car and mow the front yard.  I still hurt today.  I just can't keep up with myself and the world like I used to!  So I'm going to go have lunch and quilt all afternoon!!!
Tellico Village quilters show is this weekend!!!  GO SEE IT!  They can quilt! 

Oh yea... I got this at a yardsale.  Not sure what to do with it yet.  Needs appliques daisies or something on it!

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