Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, October 26, 2012

At Bit's and Pieces Guild meeting on Wednesday, these are some of the quilts that were shown.  Those women are sooooo creative!  Love this one with the colorful bugs!!!  Just happy.

This one seemed to vibrate with the colors.  Pretty cool.

These are the President's blocks that have come in so far.  Should make a great quilt.

This is for a charity.  It's all left over blocks from others that were put together.  Stray blocks are fun.

this one is Jenny Byers design...that was in progress for at least 10 years.  I thought it was GREAT! 

The speaker was Peggy Garmin.  This was the first quilt she made.  Then she showed about 20 that were from over many years.  They got better and better to extrodinary!!!!!

Amazing design....

So much detail in her stuff.

This was hand quilted.

This had been from a pattern, but she changed many things around.

Machine quilted by Kathy Drew. 
The machine quilting is almost every 1/8" away from each line... As a hand quilter, I feel it's impossible to compete against this.  I would rather make many quilts that are fun, than to worry about if there's quilting enough to just be comparitive.  Has quilting gone too far?  Those quilts barely bend.  How much quilting is enough? 
I'm done with the weeding.  TA DA!  My hands hurt so badly that Ican't quilt right now.  Tomorrow it is mulching time.  Terry is going to just get the gardens done in the front of the house.  Then the next time he is home, he'll do the back.  That's what happened the last time.  I finally went and got bags of mulch and did the back.  It wasn't as good, but it was done.  That was about 1 1 /2 years ago.  Mulching is not something we live for.  The plants better love this.....
I go to the Houston show next week.  Anyone else going?  Do you want to meet up and say hi?  I'll be there Tuesday night, and all day Wednesday....I forgot to sign up for anything.  So I'm open for something to do.  I guess I can get into a lecture or luncheon...or find a place to get a drink.  That's something I rarely do, but this would be the place.  Where I can stumble up to my room....

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