Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The "Florida quilt" is almost done!  That'll be sent off very soon.  Love the soft colors of this one.  I quilted in seashells, footprints, dragonflies, and lizzards!  Just fun.

this is my monochromatic challenge piece!  It's due next week.  I haven't shown it yet because so many people are actually going to do this challenge!  So I piece the background and that just didn't look like enough.  Then I got out the cotton rope that you use to cover and make those baskets and bowls....and I covered that and wound a design.  I had to make sure there was a contrast color on the rope where is was on top of the quilt.  Still, it needed something else.  I had those garden gloves in those colors that I had wanted to put on something!  And Voila!  So they are doing the cat's craddle....remember doing that with string?  Put alittle more rope in the corners for design fun.  Added alittle bit with french knots and flowers.  I like it.  Maybe others will too.

This one is Dianne Rhae's.  She has 4 animals hidden in it.  She had a different color green than I did.  So these challenge pieces are going to be interesting!

This is the table runner that I designed for the Christmas party at the Ritzy Thimbles guild meeting in December.  I figure that who ever gets it could make placemats that look like spools to match...
I love to make up my own things and designs!  Then no one can tell you that you made a mistake!  You made a creative design.  Do you own things!!!  It's way more fun. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

At Bit's and Pieces Guild meeting on Wednesday, these are some of the quilts that were shown.  Those women are sooooo creative!  Love this one with the colorful bugs!!!  Just happy.

This one seemed to vibrate with the colors.  Pretty cool.

These are the President's blocks that have come in so far.  Should make a great quilt.

This is for a charity.  It's all left over blocks from others that were put together.  Stray blocks are fun.

this one is Jenny Byers design...that was in progress for at least 10 years.  I thought it was GREAT! 

The speaker was Peggy Garmin.  This was the first quilt she made.  Then she showed about 20 that were from over many years.  They got better and better to extrodinary!!!!!

Amazing design....

So much detail in her stuff.

This was hand quilted.

This had been from a pattern, but she changed many things around.

Machine quilted by Kathy Drew. 
The machine quilting is almost every 1/8" away from each line... As a hand quilter, I feel it's impossible to compete against this.  I would rather make many quilts that are fun, than to worry about if there's quilting enough to just be comparitive.  Has quilting gone too far?  Those quilts barely bend.  How much quilting is enough? 
I'm done with the weeding.  TA DA!  My hands hurt so badly that Ican't quilt right now.  Tomorrow it is mulching time.  Terry is going to just get the gardens done in the front of the house.  Then the next time he is home, he'll do the back.  That's what happened the last time.  I finally went and got bags of mulch and did the back.  It wasn't as good, but it was done.  That was about 1 1 /2 years ago.  Mulching is not something we live for.  The plants better love this.....
I go to the Houston show next week.  Anyone else going?  Do you want to meet up and say hi?  I'll be there Tuesday night, and all day Wednesday....I forgot to sign up for anything.  So I'm open for something to do.  I guess I can get into a lecture or luncheon...or find a place to get a drink.  That's something I rarely do, but this would be the place.  Where I can stumble up to my room....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ok, this is a President's block!  She'll get it at the next meeting.  She picked the printed fabric and said to do anything.  So I tried to use the whole piece of fabric with other colors.  Hope she likes it.  So many of my blocks end up on the back as the label......?

This was one of the t shirt quilts that I did this month. 

Another President's block.  She picked the style and wanted black in the center part with jewel tones around it. 

My sister's t shirt quilt is done.  Will get the Christmas presents wrapped and all in the same box.  She said she'll tie the quilt top.  Has a backing sewn on already.

This was the group shot of the Porsche Master driving school!  Finally got that in the mail.

Ah, the track weekend.  Things have sure flown past!

Ok, there's the high school yearbook picture.  Someone wrote all over my face....

And I was a hall monitor, standing there lower right in the picture.  Hair is short and blonde now!

Our front door!  I want to make a quilt with this design and do lots of fancy quilting on it.

This one I quilted over 2 years ago.  Found a picture and thought you'd like to see some of these.

I also made up a bunch of spools a while ago.  They are so much fun to make! 

You put in some sayings.  So collect those sayings for this fun thing!

Love the one about the mother! 
I am always making things!  Doesn't matter if they will ever serve a purpose in the world.  I have fun.  When I would go to my Mom and say I was bored.... she would say, "Let's make something."  And she would pull out egg cartons, empty cans, wall paper sample books, markers, string, and other such things.  So I have always been making things. 
When I had told her that I wanted to go to art college, she said, "Oh, you don't want to be a starving artist."  I'm finding out much later, that she didn't want me to marry a starving artist!  I was supposed to go to college to find a college man to marry..... is that the '50's way of thinking or what!   So here I am doing art work anyways! 
So do what you want no matter what people tell you to do.  Be creative!

Monday, October 22, 2012

More of the quilt show at the expo down in Duluth, GA.... these were the house blocks for the Alliance up in Asheville, NC.  Members made these up and I think they will be auctioned off.

Love the colors and designs!

This was very detailed.  Hard to get a close up sometimes.

This was exceptional.


Stuffed applique.

Too cool!

This was great quilting.

Now for more of the competive show.  I have seen the overlapping guitars before.  This one was really good.

The lime green was great!  I probably wouldn't have done it, but seeing this, makes me rethink the green!

There's Leona's!

First and Second place winners.  (See a thing with circles there.)

These flowers were just fun!

And Best of surprise!

detailed shot...

Love these owls!!!

The Tomb of the Unknown Quilter!  Don't you love it!  Wouldn't it be fun to find something in Egypt like that!

This whole cloth quilt was machine quilted.  I was amazed....

The Chicken Tango is a pattern.  Just had to show you!

And the crow pattern.  Too cute!

Love this quilt.  Very well done. 
Just when I think I have seen all the designs...go to a show and be overwhelmed again.  To win a big show, you need the double "WOW" in your quilt.  What do I mean... you have to see the quilt from a distance and go wow.  Then be drawn in to look at it closer....then go wow again under your breath.  The best of show had a third "wow" factor as you studied the details and realized what the heck she had done!  Amazing.  So you have to see a quilt from far away as well as upclose.  Adding in that extra surprize will get the awards.  I add things in to make you smile, or laugh.  Not interested in the prizes or ribbons.  You keep the quilts later, and I want ones that I love.  Not just making these to win something.  What I found was, that the more fun I have with them, the better I did at any show.  Well, not all the time. 
So quilt what you love.  Try new things or techniques.  I got some new stuff at the show down there.  Spent time putting it all away... and prewashing fabrics.  Washed the car and did the finances into quicken... now I need chocolate and a break!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

There was a gorgeous dragon at the quilt expo!  He was in a booth for threads.  The guy did  this all with thread!!!  I'm impressed.

This was a wonderful exhibit.  I have been trying to find the name and who organized it, but it's not in the booklets.  It was only on a stand by the display.  Someone had organized it so the colors flowed and changed from one small quilt to the next.  Each person had been given the colors to use and where they were to be on the sides of the quilts.  So it flowed so nicely from one piece to the next.  Just look at them!

All different designs,

and techniques.

Very cool!

This section was really good.

I really enjoyed the show.  They also had the house shaped quilts from the alliance.  More tomorrow!
Laundry done... unpacked, and tired.  Had a great couple of days and a great drive down with the autumn colors out.  Traffic is thicker everywhere... but that was the only thing.  Fun stuff to play with this winter!  I need more time to quilt.
Tomorrow... weeding, food shopping, errands, and I want to quilt!!!!