Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This weekend up in Asheville is their show.  My quilt will be there with the other that is the Ice Dragon.  Couldn't find a picture of it this morning.  Asheville's show is really good.  Well worth finding and enjoying!  I'll be there Sunday to see that show, then stay to pickup my quilts.  Should be alot of quilters there that I know. 
We are heading back to the track for a 2 day driving class!  Got to love going fast and under control.  We did just get our car insurance doubled!  Terry did get a ticket last year, and he lost the safe driver stuff off the policy.  Then they said that the state of TN raised the rates.  Guess there was too much hail damage that they have to cover!  Rats.  But really, double?  Unreal.  What you going to do?  They did check and there was a place that would have $200 lower, but you have to move your mortgage insurance too and that would go up $200.  So staying with this company, bite the bullet, and write the check.  Drive fast only at the track. 
I did get to quilt yesterday.  Felt good mentally!  Hands tired and sore today.  Getting out to the second edge on the double wedding ring one.  Need towork on the t shirt quilt.  Will get to that next week.  Got two shows to go to in Oct/Nov.  Yes!  Also need to weed some more... they don't quit.
So have some fun!  I am!

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