Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ok, yesterday Terry had his yearly physical.  Guess he's ok.  Isn't if funny with dr's now a days...if nothing is wrong, all you get is a bill.  If something is sort of wrong, the nurse calls.  If something is really, really wrong, you have to talk with the dr to find out what's going on.  No news is good news and a bill...

Today I had a colonoscopy.  Isn't getting old fun?  You get pokes and prodded in ways you never could have imagined at a younger age, like 10 years ago.  Good news, no cancer or problems....still... there is something going on in my system (nice way to put it).  Just can't figure out what the hell it is!  And so goes the way of medicine.  Dr's are either afraid to do tests or tell you anything, or the insurance companies don't think you need certain things.  And you feel crummy. 

Ok, that's my rant.  I don't get them too often, do I?  You can only sit and quilt for so long before the little pains get bigger and they need attention.  I can remember my Mom always saying "It'll go away."  Mmmm?  Is that like "It'll quilt out."? 

Didn't get to quilt today and we'll be busy for several days.  Going driving at the track!  I'll have pictures of that!  It's just too much fun.  Lots of prep work, but I think we have it all organized by now.  Just can't find the first aid kit.  Terry does get cut up working on the car.  I need to have bandages handy.  Got some Snoopy ones!  He doesn't like to have those on at the track around the other guys.  I'm a big kid at heart and love those! 

So keep quilting while I'm away!  Cut up more fabric and start a project a day!  What could be more fun than that....well, driving....but I'd be home quilting otherwise!


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