Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Not a single stitch all weekend!  Here we are at the track waiting to be checked in.  Doesn't that little car look great!!!  The blue painters tape on the front, keeps the rocks and grit from messing up the paint.  Do you know what the number 86 is all about?  You do if you have ever worked in a resturant!

Here's our setup.  Car all tucked in the night before.  The car gets to sit under the tent so it's more comfortable when we get in to drive on the track.

Morning!  Terry is uncovering the car.  He's the mechanic!  Does a great job!  We both had an instructor, but by the end of the weekend, Terry was "ok-ed" to drive without one.... I'll never get there!  I do have fun, but it's really hard work.

Here's the setup next to us!  18 wheeler takes the cars from one track to another while the guys who own the cars fly home for the week.  They are from Canada.  We got to meet them.  Amazing setup in that rig.

Across the way, these guys had a car carrier that brought in 3 of the cars.  They were in the Novice group and blew me off the road most of the time.  By the end of sunday, they did have to work harder to catch me! 

Here's Terry at the begining of  the line, taking off.

going up to the 5 corner....

Now all the way around the track.  You get 30 minute sessions.  But after 20, I was worn out!  Constant consentration....

This was one morning down there.  It was beautiful. 
So?  I didn't quilt at all, like being on a different planet.  No one even understood about quilting.  There were only 2 other women driving that weekend.  A few were walking around.  But most guys said that their wives don't understand this driving thing.  I love it!  Terry let me drive first, and the instructor couldn't get over that!  So we had a blast.
Going back down this week for a driving class!  Just to have fun! 

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