Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Just got the top together tonight.  Been working on it for a few days.  Colors are very subtle.  I like it.  Barely had enough of the coral fabric, so the corners are pieced alittle bit. 

Nice lay out.  The book's directions were hard to follow.  And then at the end of the cutting directions, it told you to use the leftovers from the last cutting for something else that was cut earlier.  Not very well organized. 
I have drawn out the quilting designs that I have that may work in the blocks and borders.  The customer gets to see them on line in an email and pick what she wants.  We used to have to send the paper drawings back and forth!  So I do like alot of the electronic stuff. 
Tomorrow I get a break from trying to put this together!  And just play or vacuum... and the guild meeting is tomorrow night.  Be great to see other quilts!  Love show and tell. 
Terry and I cleaned out the vent from the dryer to the outside.  What a mess in that thing.  You know you are supposed to clean it out once a year?  Used to do that...then something happened and we just plain forgot about it!  been between 5 and 7 years near as we can figure out.  And there was so much lint in there, that the dryer wasn't working well.  Maintanence is important in a house.  I have to change out the filter on the house fan, a/c vent tomorrow.  Should have done it a day or two ago...
Those things are usually up to me because Terry is gone so much.  I like knowing that things get done.  Keeping track is another thing.  And as I get "older" (I hate that)  I don't remember things as well.  So there are notes all over the calendar in the kitchen... I'm always worried that if anyone ever steals anything, just DON"T TAKE THE CALENDAR!!! 
Well that holiday has slipped past me.  I'm fine with that.  I got alot done.  I'm still sewing!

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