Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here's what I was working on today.  2 1/2 hours on this one.  Down to the first corner.  Coming along nicely!

About 1 1/2 hours on this one.  From the middle out to the first edge.  It's looking great!

And this!  Not sure how long I took on this.  Still trying to add strips to it and keep the log blocks off kilter.  Working on a name for it too.  Wonky logs?  Log jam?  Twist and Shout?  Earthquake? 
It was raining hard yesterday and today. I'm fine with staying inside and giving the weeds a break!  Finger is healing and turning back to the right color too.  Slowly getting things together for the trip.  I sit and quilt and things come to mind that I have to take with me.  So I go get them, then sit and quilt some more.  Eventually, I get packed. 
Power went off and on again around 5pm.  It happens more than it used to.  Not sure if the trees have just grown more or if people are using more power so there's more failures.  Used to play chess with Mike when the power would go out.  Good game for that.  You don't need much light.  It takes a long time to play a game.  And it's not on a computer.  I could live without power.  I have two foot petal sewing machines!  One is a White brand.  I haven't ever played around with that one.  The other had been my Aunt Gertrude's.  She got it from her mother (my grandmother).  That had been a wedding present to her.  So it's been in the family for 3 generations.  It's in a beautiful cabinet that goes all the way to the floor.  I haven't ever seen another like it.  So I'll get the camera in the other room one day and show you what it looks like.  Gert made all her clothes on that.  Even the gowns she wore to the Opera.  She had lived close to NYC and went to the Rockfeller Center to all kinds of things.  So clothing making has been in the family forever. 
I want to make more quilted clothing soon.  Haven't made any of that in a long time!  Those are just fun to wear at guild meetings and to shows.  My hubby used to say to me, "Can't you wear something less quilty?"  Ok, so he got me a new coat one Christmas.  It's a chocolate brown, very plain coat.  I look at it as a blank canvas!  Could add some really fun colors to that!  (Wouldn't he just die!)
What if Zebras were Green?
Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage!
Ok, I have been inside all day! 

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