Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tuesday night was the guild meeting and we went around to tables to see some different techniques and ideas.  It was great to see what other memebers are doing!  Crazy quilting with embroidary was Lucy Bobb.  She does fantastic work!!!

Here's one piece that she had there for us to see different stitches. 

Laura was showing how to do a kind of stack and wack.  This takes 4 layers to make blocks.  I really want to dig out some larger prints from my stash and play around.... yea...right after I finish the other 50 million projects I have going!

Becky was showing how to transfer things from paper to fabric with a simple orange cleaner.  You just paint it on to the back of the paper with the fabric underneath.

She had the papers printed out from a laser printer.

Mmmm?  These pictures didn't come across in order.  More stack and wack.... Very cool!

this is the orange cleaner stuff!  I took a picture because I knew I wouldn't remember the name!  Terry told me we do have a laser printer, so I can see playing around with this!

Then she took National Geographic magazine pages and coated them with that orange stuff, layered the pages, and hung them up to drip, and dry.  That's what they look like after!  Very cool!  Then you can write on them or use them to wrap things up.

And here's a quilt top that I have in to quilt up!  LOVE IT!  My kind of colors.  It's big!  94 x 105".  So I'll get it basted this weekend and put it in the frame.  I have the 2 to quilt for customers.  And thousands of mine to keep me busy.
Quilt show in Asheville the end of this month!  I have sent off my 2 entries.  Not sure I will get any awards, but I love to go see them hanging up and check out the other quilts!
I am going to the track in a couple of weeks to drive our turbo!  WHEEEEEEE!!!!  That's a blast!  Then the next week, Terry and I are taking the Master's driving class.  I am starting to keep up with the guys.... Still feel like the smallest dog out there running, but I "got off the porch" and I'm running with the big dogs!
Life is getting much better.  Been a crazy year so far.  I'm looking forward to a long winter of staying in side!  Love to get snowed in and just quilt.  I do have to do some weeding soon.  The gardens all look totally over grown and terrible.  Yuck.  Great the plants are alive, but you have to pay so much attention to them.  thinking about getting lots of fake plants and sticking them out there!  Or paint murals of plants on the side of the house!  Much more practical.  I do love plants....just not all the fuss that goes with them.  I always figured that, it's green and it's growing....but the weeds are taking over!
Laugh, play and enjoy!  Bee was a blast today.  I did have to go get tires on my car.  Had a nail in one... so had to get a pair to keep the wear even on the back.  Stupid roofing nails get into my tires all the time.  So bee was a relief.  And the little cafe there has GREAT chicken salad sandwiches!  Doesn't take much to keep me tires, friends, quilting, and chicken...

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  1. Hi, Patty. Bee sounds like it was so much fun--wish I could've come with you. That is a beautiful wedding ring quilt. And I can just imagine you zooming around the track, trying to push the big guys off the road!
    best, nadia