Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Been working on this one.  Turning out very nice.  Soft colors are easy on the eyes. 

When you make color choices for the quilting threads and where to use them...make a chart!  Helps me keep from getting mixed up.

This is what my hubby finished making.  He's waiting on the glass doors to come in.  It's the entertainment center for downstairs.  It's too heavy to ever be stolen...

This is the one he made for upstairs!  LOVE IT!!!  No feet!  It's attached to the wall, so you can vacuum under it very easily!  Very cool.

This is the first one he ever made 28 years ago.  We want to get rid of it.  The top right side lifts up for a record player.  Yes we still have that.  So if you want it, all you have to do is come get is on wheels, but is also very heavy.  Red Oak. 
We are getting ready for the remodel of the 2 bathrooms and the 3 bedrooms.... ugh.  It'll be great.  That is my new montra....  "It'll be great, it'll be great."  We went and looked at sinks and faucets today.  If Terry is making the cabinets before we get to the tearing out part, then you have to know which sink you are going to put in the cabinet.  Designs are you well know in quilt making.  Wood is so much harder to do.  You can not stretch it to fit if it's too short.  And you can't take any off a cabinet if it's too big. 
I was surprised at the designs of sinks.  Happily surprised.  I bring the practical aspects to the table.  I want to be able to clean around it easily.  So it will have to have space around it that is easy to get to.  I love the faucet that you just touch to turn on.  Great idea.  Want that!  Toilets are using much less water...ok....tubs looks huge!  Not what I want.  I usually take showers and have to step over the side of the tub...and my leg lifting for the olympics is over.  So shorter is good.... And those handrails are starting to look like a good idea.  When did I get so damned old?  Well, the day I did fall down the stairs. 
I did go get my hair cut today.  I have one more box of color for that.  Then I'm thinking I might just stop doing that too.  Tired of that once a month.  The girl cutting my hair said I could switch to highlighting  while it's growing out.  I'm thinking that hat weather is coming up.  If I wear a hat for 6 months, and then, TA DA, the gray will appear after hibernation.  There's a plan.
Funny how somethings stop bugging you after a while. 
Take a deep breath!  It'll be great.  If it's not great, then you're not at the end.

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