Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

2 days of intense driving!  The Porsche Master's driving school!  What a blast!  I was the only woman in the class this time.  So I had to keep up with the boys!  This is the skid pad where you learned about understeer and over steer and how to control it.  Mega fun...

The autocross is in 2 parking lots and you practice tight curves, fast paced.  2 second penalty for knocking over cones.  I lowered my speed with every lap the first day.  Second day in the timed team event, I did 7 seconds better.  Got to for the team!

These were down where we practiced SLAMMING on the brakes going in the corners full speed and feathering off as you got into the corners.  One instructor said to imagine a roach on the brake petal and you are going to get it smashed!  So I did!  Works every time!

Here's 3 in my group, Terry's in the middle.  The guy on the left was from Argentina, and lives in NYC.  On the right, Tom, lives up near Denver.  So people from all over the world come to take this course.

Here's the dining room for lunch in the bottom of the Motorcycle Museum.  Food was terrific!  And you can see, no other women.  Never had to wait for a restroom!

After lunch they would take you around the track in the vans to show you the line to drive....over and over again.  Got it down!  Then you start to pick up your speed.  If you are out of control, Daniel would say to brake.  You don't want to get to the accident faster!

Here's the pit line up.  You drove many different cars over the weekend.  Too much fun!
If you ever get a chance to take a driving school, DO IT.  You can learn so much about handling a car, that will help you on the road.  You learn how to handle situations, so you can stay safer.  I'm not as aggressive as the guys, but they had to work to get up to me to pass!
So now I'm home.  I'll go up to see the Asheville quilt show tomorrow and pick up my 2 quilts up there.  I didn't win a ribbon...that's fine.  I want to see the quilts!  That quild has so many great quilters in it!  And Linda Roy from SMQ guild took best of show!  Super!  I'll post pictures when I get back from that show.  Or go to Asheville Quilt Guild's website and see what they have posted.
Now it's time to get back to work.  I'll be able to sit still now.  Got plenty to think about with a big smile on my face!  Terry did pass me in the last session, but he had to work to catch me!  (Heee,hee,heeeee!)
So there will be racing themes in up coming quilts.  Can't help it.  That black and white checkered flag needs to be done!

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