Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yea!!!  It's done!  "Press Any Key".  It has a computer key board on fabric.  The colored lines are supposed to be like the wiring on the mother board (That's me, the mother board.).  I love the craziness of it all.  That is life!  Bouncing around, too much going on.  I love it.  Got to put on the casing and the label, then it's ready for the world. 

Here's it pulled over  the edge of the table.  Too much?  I hope so.....

There's the keyboard.  The camera didn't like taking that picture.  Better get used to that. 

Here's alittle more of the upper corner....

And the side edges are wonky.  Yea....
So sweet to get one done.  Now I have to find another one in the pile to drag to bee!  Ah!  THat's tomorrow.  I can also show them the purple and orange quilt top I got last weekend.
Ever hear of the group, Tower of Power?  I love them.  Funk and Soul.  They have been around for 44 years, and I don't own a single album of theirs!  Have to fix that!  Got the recording of their tv special blaring in the back ground now. 
Speaking of blaring.... I got my hearing checked today.  It's alittle worse than 4 years ago... but not by much.  So it's up to me if I want to get hearing aids or not.  Part of me is SCREAMING to go get them.  But it would be something new and different, which keeps me hanging back alittle.  So I am considering it seriously and probably will get them.  Would be nice to hear conversations better and not have the tv cranked up so much.  Now this also means that my  "better-half" should go get his hearing checked too.  If I turn the tv down.... then he won't be able to hear it.  Mmmm?  It's been talked about and we are in agreement.  Both of us, together are going to go through this.  YEA!  It'll keep the marriage going strong if we both stop saying, "What?" all the time. 
So life goes on. 
Keep quilting.
Turn it UP!!!  and enjoy life!
I'm Jazzed!  Stand back and dance!

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