Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where have I been?  Busy!  And Terry too.  He has upgraded our modem and router!  So things happen much faster on the putors and the pictures came through with out lines through them!  I have been trying to get some curved piecing going on the log cabin blocks!  Love how crazy it is!  Might just call this one  "Log Jam". 

Spent yesterday with a very good friend and we love to go eat and yard sale...and I got this quilt top!  Not my colors.  Who likes purple and orange together?  So why  did I get this?  Because it is really well done!  BY HAND!!!  So it needs to be quilted.  BY hand!  It's double bed size....Ha!  I finally get to say that.  Everyone who comes to me with a quilt and I ask how big is it....well, it's double bed.  I haven't measured it yet... And I would love to put some border on it... Maybe applique a few circles on it?  Add yellow and green and it could pass for a Mardi Gras quilt... what do you think?

then I also found this insulated bag with a dragon on it!  The inside is dirty, so I have to clean it out before anything goes into it.  The sale was an estate sale and everything in the house was going.  Sometimes it's very interesting what's there.  Other times, it just seems like so much junk... No fabrics there, which surprised me.  The quilt top and another quilt that was done were there.  The quilt went for $75!  Red, white, and blue, all hand done!  Wow.... the top was priced for $40....seemed unbalanced to me.  So I asked if they would take $20...and they did!  Yahoo.  Do happy dance here. 

Well, do you realize how many quilts I have "rescued" and they need to be quilted?  A LOT.  I have one basted.... a lone star quilt.  But I must have another 8 to 10.  I get one done a year with those.  And then there's all the ones I have been putting together to feel creative.  And all that I do for customers.  Mmmm?  Need clone. 

I don't care.  I love it.  Income and outlet.  All works for me.  Trouble is finding time to do everything that I have to do and then what I want to do.  I spent all day, Saturday, with my friend, and then went out to dinner with another friend and Terry.  It was a mini vacation.  Today, we usually go get a bagel and hang out with car guys...but I said no thanks to it today.  Just need to catch up on laundry and more sewing!  Pizza later, so no cooking today.

So how do you find time to sew?  I gave up cooking and cleaning (for the most part).  Buy food and have it in the fridge.  When they get hungry, they will find it.  Clean just before the health department shows up.  Used to be before company came, but over the years, I have convinced people not to come anymore!  No guest bedroom or spare bed in the house.  That also makes it easier to vacuum in there!  We got a dining room table that only seats 2...  really.  Do you have to have people over?  My quilting buddies are always welcomed.  They "ooooh" and "aaaaah" at the fun stuff and step over the other stuff.  No biggy.

I do laundry every other day.  Don't let that build up.  What's to that, anyways?  Throw it all in one machine, come back in an hour and move it to the next machine.  Fold as if comes out of the dryer and put it right away.  Now I put my clothes away.  Terry's goes on top of the bureau.  I did try to be nice and put things away when we were first married.... but then he kept asking me where each item was.  Well, I didn't memorize that!  So he can put them where ever now and I dont' worry about it.

I do wipe down the bathrooms every saturday morning.  I can't stand dirty bathrooms.... Nothing worse than having a smell knock you over in there.  Or find wet towels anywheres.  No bad habits there.  Even my son was taught to hang up towels or die.  Very effective. 

I garden when I absolutely have to.  Yuck.....double yuck.  I'd rather clean a grease trap.  I love seeing a nice garden.... but not work it. 

What else?  Well, when I think of anything else, I'll add it in that day!  I do make lists...and loose them.  But it is nice to check things off.  Like make calls and yell at the people who are supposed to be showing up and getting things done!  This year, appointments are not being kept.  I don't like yelling at people.  Bad karma.  I just don't like getting all flustered.  So most of the time you just tell them you are taking your business else wheres and they show up that day.

I am signed up to go to the Houston Quilt show!!!  It's been 5 or 6 years since I went.  Need a large show to kick start more ideas....well, to get back in there with a furry.  I really don't need more ideas or stuff, but it sure is fun to go see what is being made out there!  Working at home, you begin to wonder what's out past the front yard!  Thank God there are still people putting on shows! 

So hang your quilts outside and see who stops by! 

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