Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Trading cards!  That's what I pulled out last night to work on!  I layered top fabric, 2 layers of a thin batting and a backing fabric.  Measured the right sizes then sewed around those.  Then I have been embroidaring in the little areas.  I used to embroidare all the time. 

Then you cut them apart and finish the edges.  Sign the back and date them.  Trade with your friends!  Which is what I'm going to do thursday!  Candace sent some cards to Tone to bring to bee.  So I wanted to make a new card.  Candace makes great cards. 

Terry's bee stings have swollen up.  Mine is going away.  That is backwards.  But I took benedryl right away and he didn't take as much as I did.  He did go to a clinic this morning and got prescriptions....but hasn't filled them.  Don't know what he's waiting for?  I'm worried because I have such bad reactions to bees.  He usually doesn't but this time he got so many stings.  Yuck.

I have been getting things done slowly but surely in this room.  Pulled over the other challenge just before dinner and started in on that.  It's due the end of the year.  No pictures until then!  I'm not entering as many shows or contests anymore.  Got way more expensive and few prizes.  You need at least a chance to get some money back to cover entry fees/postage/ and photography.  Now there's digital stuff, and I really don't know how to "cut a cd"...cut a rug, cut up, cut out, and a few other cuts.... but not the cd.  Oh it's easy!  You hear that alot.  But I'm a visual person.  I need to see how to do it, or I'm lost.  Although I bit my tongue and got this blog set up!  Nothing fancy.  I can't change out the background or add things onto the sides.  But really, how many people check those things out? 

Has anyone else noticed that there are fewer contests?  And smaller prizes?  Shows have come up with more rules and restrictions.  Used to be several shows a month.  Now it's just a couple this summer.  Don't know what's going on with orgainizers.  I guess that the same people did all the work and got tired of doing it all.  Or it got more complicated... I hope that there will be more after a break.  I would love to open a quilt gallery and be able to show off quilts that I love.  Someday if I win the lottery...

Tomorrow, I get my eyes checked and probably order new glasses.  Ok, I can handle that.  Then next week, comes the hearing test.  What?  Say again?  Yea, it's time to get that checked again.  Last time I got that done, they told me I had the hearing capabilities of a 75 year old woman...I was 55.  I didn't laugh when he said I looked pretty good for 75.  So I wonder how bad it is now.  I don't mind growing old, it's the wearing out part that really stinks.  At least I can still see colors and the stitches.  Just talk louder to me.  Though they do have hearing aids there... if I get one, then Terry should get one.  We have to yell at each other!  Yelling "I love you" isn't the same as saying it quietly!

I look at older women in the store and realize that could be me some day.  So I wait in line quietly while they fumble for money or cards.  Then we talk about quilts and everything is ok.  Quilts are the universal love.  You mention that you make quilts and the stories come out.  People realize the amount of work it takes to make one.  I love working on quilt tops that have been forgotten and see them come to life after years in storage.  I add the soul. 

It's all good. 

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  1. What a beautiful blog. Your writing just flows like we're walking around talking. I hear you on the hearing loss...have it really badly in right ear so I figure when the time comes I'll get some hearing aids.
    Tell Terry to take the meds, for crying out loud...he reminds me of Fred. "I'll try it out tomorrow".
    Take care and keep quilting!