Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

There were 2 bucks in the neighbors backyard last night!  Very pretty!  There are 10 acres of wooded land back there.  So there are plenty of critters back there!

I have started piecing curvy stripes onto the log cabin blocks.  Slow going, but fun.  Started in the middle part, and working down.  Then will work to get the sides and fit it all together. 

This one was at Bee today!  Tone's Mom made it!  She does some crazy things that really work out well!  It has a piece of flannel inside instead of batting.  It's meant to be used as a table cloth.  Tone brought cake today!  See, at bee, we all forget birthdays, so we made the rule, "if it's your birthday, you bring the cake!"  That way you remember, and pick out a cake that you like!  And we are all happy that you were born! 

Last Sunday was Coffee and Cars at the West Town Mall.  So here are some pictures of  just a few of the cars that were there.  300 to 400 cars were there!  It was great to see so many different ones.  ( There is a guy taking a pictures of our car!)

Ours is the blue Porsche...

There were plenty of other blue ones there!  Love it!

And some very cool yellow ones.

Race cars too.  This one even has a/c holes in the seat!  Need those!

And a bug!  It was for sale, but I didn't get the number.

Great paint jobs on many cars and trucks.

It was really fun to see the cars and the people walking around.  Then as people left, the drivers were going too fast.  Cops had to get up on the street and slow people down.  Car people are very creative! 

So I have started on the log cabin blocks and decided to do curved piecing  inbetween them.  Time consumming but it's going to look really wild when it's done!  I love to be different!  It'll be a challenge to try and think up something to quilt on this one!

Bee was great today!  So much laughter!  We all need that.  And cake!  Kroger's strawberry cake.  Really good.  Now it's time to calm down and try to get something done!  That's a challenge....

Get out those cutters and start something fun! 

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