Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The dogwood table runner is almost done.  This block needs quilting...

this one is done....

The side triangles are done...

And here is a better shot of the whole thing!
So?  What do you think?  Not bad!  I was sent the 2 blocks and dug through my stash to find colors that matched.  I was sure I had the exact fabrics, but did not.  Pretty close though!  So one more day of quilting and it'll be ready to ship.  I love getting things done!  You get to do the Happy Dance!
Bee was fun today!  Lots of people showing back up.  Laughter abounds!  Jokes that we have to close the door to listen too and not scare the other people in the building!  Too much fun is had by all and we get quilting done.  I'm working on the antique quilt and it's going much faster than I thought it would!  It's a Lone Star design.  Not really my thing, but it is very pretty.  Hand pieced, so I felt it should be hand quilted. 
Nail in my tire... had it looked at today, and it's too close to the edge of the tire to just be ordered 2 new tires...over $800.  Gulp.  I feel like getting those big magnets and going on the roads I drive on and pick up the loose nails and sharp stuff.  I have gotten 3 to 5 nails in my tires in the last 4 years.... getting tired of that.  I love the place I take my car in for any kind of work.  The guys down there are super nice and don't give me any song and dance.  They are straight with the information.  So I trust them.  Do you trust your car dealership? 
Talked with my sister today.  We can talk for an hour before we even realize it!  Feels good to talk with her anytime.  She can calm me down if things are going badly.  And I can talk her down if it's crazy that day.  Aren't sisters wonderful!  That's why I drive all the way up there every year!  Time to start planning alittle bit of next year.  Got to line up the big trips so we know what is going to happen.  Got a couple more big ones lined up this year.... should be some more fun happening! 
And a different subject...anyone like the "Tower of Power" group?!  I love them.  They had their 40th celebration on tv and I recorded it.  "What is Hip" is one of their big songs.  Gets you moving!  I get lots done in the sewing room if I have on funky music or a fast paced movie. 
Now I have been posting for 8 months....and rarely get comments.  Anyone out there?  Let me know what you think, like to see, or want me to talk about... Not sure how I'm doing! 
Keep quilting and funky stuff!


  1. I love yur blog! Keep posting. It always makes me smile. Even though I know you pretty well your blog lets me in on the unique and fun way you look at the world.
    It was so good to be back at bee today!!! I think I'm really going to need it more than ever the next few months.

  2. hey gurl .... i've been following your blog and your quilting comments are waking up my quilt "muse"!!! hope to see you soon.