Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

More vacation pictures!  And they didn't all come through well... so the yellow across the bottom is a mistake by the putor or comcast!  This is a piece of art out side of a diner in Keene, NH.  Art is everywhere!  Love it!

This is an orchid!  Oh yes it is!  Given to Enid.  As it got bigger, it got more of the blue and dark pink things in the middle.  Very pretty.

Geese came right up to us as we ate on the bench in York.  They are not afraid!  Very nasty when you don't feed them!

The backyard in England.  The birds love the feeder!  Also all the berries that are being grown there!

York!  Love that place!  This is part of the bridge tower.  Just too "Harry Potter"!   You expect that big guy to come out and chase you away.

Terry and Leslie!  Two people who know me the best!  We were in the railroad museum by the gift shop. 
This is a quilt in a train car.  That's why  there's a reflection....on the glass window.  they had Durham quilts on the beds!  It's hand quilted!  I love that.  I couldn't get a clearer picture of that. 

So travel and go see things.  Too much is out there to sit and quilt all the time.  Can't believe I just wrote that!  I have the log cabin blocks on the design wall.  Made 14, so have to do something tricky to make it work...OMG!  Isn't project runway on tonight?  Got to go.... Patty

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