Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I made a table runner that looks like 3 spools together!  Here's how!!!  I don't usually show how to do things but this took me half a day.  So get out 3 fabrics that look like thread...with lines or colors that you like.  And a brown for the spool.

Here's the shape.  The center is cut 10 1/2 x
8 1/2".   Make sure to cut the fabric with the lines going across the short way to look like thread.   The ends are cut in rectangles that measure 3 x 11 1/2".  At the bottom of the rectangle, measure over 1 1/2" and cut from that point to the upper corner to get the right angle for the top and bottom of all the spools.  Now sew a top and bottom onto each center. 

Here are my 3 spools! 

Now line them up  just not in an exact row so it looks like they are stacked unevenly.  Sew the ends together.  Lay them onto a very thin batting or flannel and cut that to fit the spools exactly.

Lay those onto the backing.  I used more of the brown so the back of all this looks like empty spools.  You can use anything.  PIN IT BEFORE YOU CUT.  Why?  Because when you sew around it, it's more stable and easier to handle.

Pins hold it in place.  When you get to where there's a seam in the spools, Needle down on the machine, turn and start the next line.  If you are careful there, then it's easier when you turn it all inside out.  Leave an opening at one of the ends for turning..... CLIP ends and the corners well so it will lie flatter after turning.

Turn and work the points out carefully.  Sometimes using a pin from the outside helps....

There's the back after quilting.

Here's the top!  Not bad!  I did machine quilt, straight lines in the brown... and a long slanted lines to look like thread on the spools. 
This is for the Ritzy Thimbles Guild exchange in November.  They do Table Runners for that !  Kind of cool.  Good idea for any group. 
I will probably make on in different colors for me... probably blues.  And you can make more spools for placemats!  Very cool idea!  Sometimes simple is better.  They wanted colors for winter, not neccessarily Christmas colors. 
Keep quilting!

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