Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's the one on the design wall. It was all straight pieced log cabin blocks and I got really tired of that!  So now the curvy or wavy lines are really making it fun.  It's slow going, but I love adding the colors and twists.  If you go back a couple of days you can see the rather plain blocks on the wall.....

I have taken a few closer shots so you can see the mish mash style that I seem to have. 

There are strips just up there on view to see if the colors work in there.

Don't know how big it will be either.

Just keeps going and going..... eventually, I will have to sew the 3 long sections together.  I'm begining to wonder how I'm going to do that.  Trial and error...lots of error?  Isn't that how you learn?  Keep trying.  I figure since I'm doing "my own thing", no one can tell me I have done something wrong.
I was at judging once for our show.  I have only gone to judging twice... this one judge kept flipping the corner of a quilt, and making the quilt kind of do a "wave"...and she would say, "Straight lines should be straight."  Well it was before you started to shake it!  And with all the handling, shipping, folding, refolding, and moving of the just had to run you hand along them, and voila!  Straight!  What was she thinking.  YOU KNOW that everyone cuts the fabrics straight, sews them straight.  Irons them straight, and QUILTS them straight..... Geeze.  It bothered me so much, that I LOVE TO MAKE THEM WAVY!!!  I hope I get that judge some time.  Just to drive her bonkers.  Trouble is, I have such a bad memory, I don't remember who that was.  So I'm making them all crazy. 
And then there are the 3 little words that drive us all nuts.  You know what they are! 
"Quilt as desired."
If you aren't used to picking out quilt designs and don't know how they can change the look of your quilt, then you are in trouble.  So when I'm looking at this Log Jam on the wall....I'm thinking, "what in the world am I going to quilt."  Circles, swirls like down a drain, waves, lines out from the center of each block.????  Haven't figured this out at all.  Anyone got some idea that may spark a design?  Remember, I hand quilt. 

Oh, yea...the one in the frame is ready to come out.  But the table is busy right now.....

I'm piecing a table runner for another woman.  She made the two blocks and I'm figuring out what to do with them....

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  1. hi Patty, love your wonky logs - and your fabrics are so cheerful!