Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Guess who got home last night?  Yea, he was alittle more than half way down to Louisiana when he got the call the  meetings were cancelled!  I was happy, but he had to turn around and drive 6 1/2 hours back home.  So where is that storm now?

The quilt in the frame is ready to come out!!!!  (Happy dance...)  It'll go on the table and I'll quilt out to the edge.  Then binding.  First I would like to mark and baste the next quilt...but I'm waiting for the backing.  She's washing it and adding 6" to it.  Always measure things.  We measured the top and it was bigger than the chart in the book said it would be.  Mmmm?  Book wrong?  Nope, but life has a strange way of being different than charts.

I have also been working on the log cabin blocks.  Since I'm doing curved piecing and it's scrappy, it's taking a lot longer to piece together.  Each strip  has to be cut to fit the piece it's going to be next to.  And I wanted it alittle I'm fitting in more strips... Worked until 8:45pm and then it suddenly felt overwhelming.  So I'll wait until tomorrow when the curtains are open and the light is coming in.  If I ate some chocolate, I would keep going, but then I would never go to sleep tonight. 

I'll take pictures of that tomorrow.  It's busy, that's for sure.  But I love them like that.    (See "Press Any Key")  Tuesday is my day to stay home and get things done.  Need to vacuum....and when did I change the sheets last?  Crap.  Better do that.  Phone calls and dye my roots... Will get plenty of sewing time though.  Just can't live without that!

I was in Walmart today.  A couple came in with a baby in the carrier and spoke to the cashier.  Seemed to be all one family, several generations.  I always ask "What isle did you find that cutie in?"  Now usually, they say the diaper isle, or something like that...but this time the guy said "In the liquior isle actually."  Best come-back line I have heard in a long time!!!

Keep laughing!  Patty

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